True Love

October 14, 2011
We were kids then, not knowing a thing. It started with me glancing at him in class and when he'd glance, I'd blush and look down at my paper, and he would too. Then, we started talking me. Not about anything really. The tortures of out parents thinking we were still children, even though we were thirteen and fourteen. About how the popular kids were really such losers that tried way too hard. We progressed to hand holding, and after a while, he told me he loved me. I loved him too, and I made sure he knew. We started dating. Every Saturday, I told Mom I was going to my best friend Missy's house. That's when he'd take me out for a slice of pizza and some fro-yo. It was pure bliss. But that was a year ago.
Now, we go for Italian, and ice-cream. We say the sacred words I Love You every day, and he kisses me on the cheek when we have to say goodbye. At school dances, we tango through the crowd and spin each other and he dips, and he still runs over for the slow songs and says, "Danny, will you dance with me?" I always say the same thing, and I always rest my head on his shoulder. I always feel him smile as I do. Our friends always joke around with us saying that we're going to be the couple that everyone sees old and shriveled up siting on a porch swing just gazing into each other's eyes. I don't doubt it. Be we're kids now, not know a thing, except that this is true love.

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