i Love you

October 24, 2011
By Anonymous

" my grandma's not home so you can only be here for a short-time." He looked at me curiously and said " Really?" i planned on answering until i realized it was a rhetorical question . He touched my face with his vibrant hand and slightly pushed me against the refrigerator door and put his hands on the side of my head making it impossible to move. He leaned close into my face , i could feel the rhythm of his minty breath hammering against my skin the tenderness and his eyes the passion in his face . I couldnt breath for my fantasy of kissing was coming true and every second i thought about it was every second he grew closer to kissing me. I closed my eyes waiting for him to touch my desperate lips to his then i felt his warm lips to my ear '' Love is a word i could never dare to say until i met you and i had to circum to the truth that im falling in love with you ". My breathing grew unsteady and i realized warm tears started falling from my eyes. " I ... love you ". i said hesitantly under my breath i felt his breath slow to a stop then he brought his eyes to mine . I started to open my mouth and speak then he kissed me and wrapped his arms around my lower waist drawing me closer to him. I felt like putty in his arms . His lips were soft and plump against mine solwly but surely moving with my lips. He took his tongue and slipped it in my mouth urgently kissing me making me want him more than i did before . I pushed him to the love seat in the living room forcing off his black leather jacket and threw it on the floor i shoved him on the couch my lip still intacted to his i put my knee on the side of left leg slowly sliding off my blue and white hearted pattern jacket wrapping my arm around his neck . He put his caressing smooth hands under my long sleved shirt slowly sliding it up to the rhythm of our rigit breathing . Before he got to my my silk white bra strape he stopped. He lips stiff against mine. I didnt want him to stop so i slowly kissed down his neck becking him to engage foward. Then in a swift move i was laying on my back his knee on the right side of my body and bend down to my ear and said " i love you . So lets wait until the time is right i mean we have the rest of our life together our possiblities are endless plus you grandmother is here so fix your self up not that you dont look beautiful already and not that your grandmother wont already know ..." he voice trailed off. I sat up in full pout mood but i knew this discussion wasnt up for grabs. He grabbed his black jacket on the floor then grabbed mine and handed it to me. after i had it on i slopped down on the couch and grabbed the remote and turned the television on i look at the pictures flooding the screen but paid no mind to them. He sat next to me not ecknowledging my disappointment and looked at the screen cheerfully . I felt him looking at me after a while of silence but i refused to return the glare he put upon me. he grabbed my chin softly and pulled me to his face i followed weakly and he kissed vigourously. Pushing me backwards untill my head touched the pillow of the couch. But then i pulled away panting hard and rough ." what wrong sweetheart ?" he asked me sincere filled his eyes. " Shh. listen." just then the front door swung open and he pulled me up and wrapped me in his arms and look ferious at the televison as if it intriged him. My grandmother stumbled though the door a big smiled rushed across her face. " O. your here keven its nice to see you again young man." I look at his face and watch his lips move even though my grandnother was present i wanted him so much. " Like wise to you ms.Sarah all ways great to see you as well ". My focus was still on his lips and i made no effert to look and greet my grand mother's smile. " Lisa ?" I heard her wisiper softly under her breath but i ignored her . Keven took his attention off my grandmother and onto me " Lisa , honey are you okay?" I couldnt speak i was mesmorized in the fact that i was actually in love with someone i only knew for 3 weeks. so i couldnt help my self i leaned in and kissed him . i felt him trying to push me away but i wanted him more than i want anything in my whole more then i wanted my father to come back to life . he tried to break my grasp . but my fingers where locked around his neck and i wasnt budging. " lisa , your grandmothers present be resonable please." i heard him mudder under his breath i seen my grandmother shadow disapper into the kitchen. and then i felt him slowy be sucked into my kiss . and he slammed me down backward not to rough but not to soft niether i hit my head against the cushion . ' yeah . i won kinky and while my grandmothers in the other room.' i thought to myself. then he broke my grasp around his neck at that instant i felt weak . he stared into my eyes angerly " what the heck ! are you trying to kill me with that chock hold of yours . and your grandmothers right in the other room" he whisper intensively i felt my eyes starting to flood with tears . so i pushed him from on top of me where he lingered . and sat up and balled my fist and started sliently sobbing in my hands . " im sorry . its just i have this thing about a first impression and making out with you on your grandmother couch while she in the next room isnt one of them." i smirked at him trying to humor me " im sorry for umm attacking you its just i never wanted anything so much in my life until i meet you" i said he leaned in to kiss me until he stop mid way and said " i think thats enough kissing for tonight. he kissed me on my forehead instead. " that doesnt count as much." he said with a smile.

The author's comments:
It deals with the supernatural i don't do great pieces on stuff like that only when Stephanie Meyers inspires me

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on Oct. 26 2011 at 2:48 pm
This is so Beautiful ! I love it . it was kinda rushed but it was probaly teen ink talented keep up ! 

on Oct. 25 2011 at 8:22 pm
billgamesh11 BRONZE, Grafton, Massachusetts
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"It's always darkest before the dawn." ~Florence and the Machine

This was really cute! I really liked it!!! Except my critique's mind is making me say this:

It might have been just a Teen Ink thing, but the words were all smushed together and it was hard to read because it sounded really rushed. But what I got from it was really good!!! Good Job and Keep Writing!!! :):):);)


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