October 19, 2011
By Yerenna_Lubs-Yew SILVER, Houston, Tx, Texas
Yerenna_Lubs-Yew SILVER, Houston, Tx, Texas
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"It's not how many times you fall down is how many times you get back up"

There's always that person that abstracts you from the rest of the world. When your eyes meet and they know exactly what you're thinking at that moment. When they hold your hand and hold on tight. He makes me feel that way. He portrays life in a different perspective. When he kisses me and makes me feel so lucky to be alive.

His name is perfect among all others. Kevin not too long and not to short, just perfect. The same Kevin who wears his ROTC uniform on Tuesdays. The same Kevin who kissed me in the bus and told me to smile for him. That Kevin, is now mine. He's all for me and no one else. He makes me feel like I immersed out of swiftly flowing waters and became someone new. His brown eyes demolish that shield of protection and look through me. His hands always wrapped around my waist while he caresses my cheek. Revealed to me that even though he already had me, if he had one wish he'd wish for me because there's nothing more important to him.

I love the way he listen to his music and blocks the rest of the world out. I love how he kisses me when I least expect his lips to press against mine. I love it when we sit together and he can just look at me and smile. I adore the way he sticks his tongue out at me and makes his puppy dog face. It fascinates me how he can make my heart beat to the rhythm of his. It excites me to know he is mine . It makes me smile when I think about how adorable he is. Kevin, I could say his name a million times and feel something different each time.

When he smiles he lets me know that everything is going to be okay. With him everything fades into the distance and it's just me and him. Every second with him makes me feel blessed. He is part of me now, like air to a balloon. I wake up every morning thinking of his beyond beautiful face. Each and every day with him is like adrenaline that flows deeply through my veins. He is my forbidden love that keeps me coming back for more. He is the blood to my heart and makes me know that no matter what happens he will always be there. He is Kevin and that says it all.

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