October 11, 2011
By Anonymous

She stood in the doorway and skimmed the crowd with her green eyes. They were hidden beneath the brim of her white sun hat. She smiled with her full painted lips. Heads turned her way. She was a classy woman. She wore a pair of small laced gloves and folded her hand in front of her, smiling. She was beautiful. She wore a lavender dress that complimented her figure. Her curves were perfect and thin. It was not too low of a cut, but it made her look lovely and stunning. Her name was known by all the gentlemen. They all wished they could be the man who had walked in behind her. He was every bit as charming as she was. He dressed sharply in a black suit and white bow tie. His shoes were as shiny as his hair, not a single one out of place. They were an ideal couple and not a single person overlooked them. Every woman wished to be her and have her elegance. Even so, they loved to admire her when she walked in a room.

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