Alice VS Alfred

October 13, 2011
By MelodyMizu SILVER, Marrero, Louisiana
MelodyMizu SILVER, Marrero, Louisiana
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The bond of close friends can cause many things.It may lead to love.But in some cases it may also lead to loathing,betrayal,and pure unadulterated hate.Even if the two friends raised each other;getting to close may end with a stab to the heart and a swift yank out of the bleeding wound; Literally.
In 1892,Alice,a young girl from England,was abandoned at the age of three and lived among the streets of New Orleans.Alice grew up street smart but with morals.She also taught herself how to read and write.In 1901,Alice meet 9 year old Alfred who was abandoned by a wealthy family who had recently gone bankrupt.Alice taught the boy the ways of the early 1900's streets.Soon,the two became the closest of friends and trusted no one but each other.Alfred with his jolly ways and his dependence on Alice;and Alice with her loving and selfless heart.After ten years (Alice,22,Alfred,19) The two had fallen for each other,but both Alfred's pride and Alice's shyness kept them from saying anything so they said they were brother and sister.The two had no one but themselves and the two seemed like the perfect pair of potential lovers.
Soon,Alfred began to grow tired of Alice's constant rules and nagging; something Alice considered protection.Alice had gotten tired of Alfred's constant complaints.
"If you think you are such a brilliant young man you defeat me in a duel.You may use only what I have taught you in the past years and nothing more.",Alice declared, "If you win you may make up your own rules for yourself...though I highly doubt you will win against me..."
Alfred excepted the challenge and the battle had begun.
Alice allowed him to make the first move.Alfred swiftly dashed toward her with a pocket knife;just as Alice planed. Alice drew her dagger and repelled the attack and jumped back to dodge,but she was thrown of balance by the sight of Alfred's gun that was aimed for her face.
"What are you doing,you fool!This was merely a childish play fight...why would you pull a gun on me?",Alice asked with cold fear in her eyes.
"The game is over,Alice,I am no longer your 'little brother'!",Alfred stared coldly into the cold shaken eyes of his long time friend.
Alice was in a state of confusion.She had no idea why her true love was about to shoot her dead.Alfred looked down as if he were trying to hold back tears.
Alice saw this as an opportunity.She jolted up and raced down the ally,with Alfred in pursuit,And she ran to the boxes were the two slept.From under the tattered pillow she drew a small pistol and held aimed for his chest.
"Alfred have you completely gone mad!"
"I could ask you the same,Alice."
Alice was about to lecture him when Alfred pulled the trigger;the bullet scraping agents her shoulder,yet the cut was still deep and bleeding at a fast rate.Alice dropped her gun in shock and pain,but she could not give up so easily.She darted up do jab him with the dagger once more but was stopped by another bullet to the side.Alice dropped to her knees at Alfred's feet screaming in pure agony.How was she not winning like usual? She thank this as she knelled still struggling for air.Alice broke into tears from her confusion and broken heart.As proud as she was she could not admit this.
"I despise you with all of my being....",Alice said in a breath.
Alfred the replied,"You were beautiful,loving,kind and I was hoping to make you mine.But,you are pushy and lately have become a dictator.I am my own person and you have no right to cage me."
"You spoiled git...I did it to protect you!",Alice was halted by the cocking of his gun once more.
"Silence!",He barked " used to be so great..."
Alfred pulled the trigger at her head.Alice dropped down.Completely still,no noise,just tears of blood.Alfred locked his tears away and darted out of the ally.
As a result to this despicable incident,Alice's body was found by a shop owner after a week and she was put to rest in the in a field of strawberries,the very food she grew up stealing.Alice's murder was never investigated nor even a matter of local interest.Killed by the hands of her love and buried by the town that despised her with little care to her wounded,bloody corpse.
Then,as for Alfred,the realization that he had killed the one person who loved and protected him sank in and he had gone completely insane.In 1913,two years after the murder of Alice,Alfred was attacked by a local street performer for swiping his can of earned pennies.Alfred,running two fast,was not paying attention when he slipped and fell of a bridge on to a boat that was sailing underneath.His bones crushed on impact.He was holding a blue striped ribbon;one that a shop keeper near by said was similar to that of a young girl he had buried in the old strawberry fields.
He was buried next to Alice.In the end they were reunited by fate and I am sure they would want it no other way.
In conclusion,love can end in a flash it seams;ending just as easily as it began.You must not tie down the ones you wish to protect nor must you let them do as they wish.A hard life and a strong feeling can never mix in this confusing thing called life;It just may make your world shatter along with your heart and,as you can see from Alfred,your sanity as well.

The author's comments:
This is bases of off two characters from an anime called hetalia the idea is based of of the revolutionary war
Alfred= America

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