Stuck in a lie

October 2, 2011
By Estefania Oviedo BRONZE, Miami, Florida
Estefania Oviedo BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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I walked down the halls of the crowded high school, my notebook in hand and my bag over my shoulder. It was just another typical Monday morning, nobody wanted to be here. You could hear the sound of people whispering to their friends, people laughing at lame jokes they had discovered over the weekend, and that annoying sound of the lockers slamming shut after the students got their stuff out.
I, however, just walked quietly down the halls, my eyes concentrating on the grey tiles of the floor. I hated school with everything in more. High school always had the cliques, and I wasn’t a huge fan of them. I’m a really reserved girl actually, I don’t talk much, of course just to my closest friends Elizabeth, Claudette, Caroline, and Melissa, but that’s pretty much it.
I slowly reach my locker and write down the combination, then pull the handle and there it is! My boring locker. Most of the girls have many different decorations in their lockers, but not me. My locker just had a picture of me and my friends which I love so much and a medium size mirror with a border made out of pink and red hearts.
I start to get my books out, when I notice Elizabeth’s reflection in the mirror. I turn around and see her standing there with Melissa and Claudette. Elizabeth, who I call Lizzie, is petite and had wavy brown hair that reaches under her shoulders. Melissa is petite as well, has really pale skin and long dark brown hair. Claudette is taller than them and her curly hair isn’t hard to miss. They all have that small nervous smile on their faces, that smile I know so well. This means that they are hiding something.
“Hey girls” I say with a small smile
“Hey Steph” they all say unison and nervously glance at each other. They then scoot closer together, and I just look at them with a confused look on my face.
“What are you trying to hide?” I raise my eyebrows suspiciously at them and they all just loom down trying to avoid the question.
“It’s nothing serious! We are just tired!” says Lizzie and then shares a look with Claudette.
“You really don’t want to know” says Melissa and gives me an apoplectic look.
“Ok then, I’m going to class” I say after a moment and start to walk but they pull my arm quickly and that’s when I realize what is going on.

Right down the hall is, leaning against one of the reddish lockers is none other than Liam Payne. What is the problem with that? Well he is with Danielle Peazer, the cheerleading captain and the girl everyone in the school wants to be,

Liam is the school’s football captain, which means that everyone knows who he is. This also means that every single girl in the school has or once had a crush on. I mean, who wouldn’t?

Liam is tall, has beautiful big brown eyes and mid length wavy brown hair. He normally dresses in jeans and t-shirts and of course his varsity jacket. He is really muscular and so good looking; I know many guys envy the attention he gets from the girls. But that doesn’t make him an obnoxious person. Actually, he is the sweetest guy I know. He doesn’t make his popularity affect his personality or the way he sees others. That’s what made me fall for him.

I’ve had a huge crush on him for like forever now, but he doesn’t seem to notice. He being a senior and me being a junior makes it even harder for him to even talk to me. Just maybe the simple hi’s at the halls or bumping into each other as we walk out of the school, but not really anything else.

I turn my attention back to my three friends who are now looking at me anxiously waiting for my reaction. I just give them a small fake smile and continue to walk. They don’t stay there, they follow me.
“So, what do you think?” says Melissa
“Does it really matter? He is not my boyfriend or anything; he can date whoever he likes.”
“We don’t know if they are dating, actually.” Says Lizzie
“Isn’t it obvious? They are!” says Claudette and Lizzie just raises her eyebrows, motioning for her to be quiet.
“Like I said, I don’t care.” I repeat and then continue walking, that’s when I have to walk in the direction of Liam and Danielle. I let a deep sigh out and then focus on my feet as I walked next to them. That’s when I hear my name being called out.

I was leaning against my best friends Harry’s locker on another typical morning. It was really hot, you could feel the hot air hit you even though the AC was on; but I still wore my varsity jacket like I did every other day.

I watched Harry’s messy curls bounce up and down as he was getting stuff out of his locker. I turned my attention to the front doors and one person caught my attention. It was Stephanie Sparks, one of the most beautiful girls in the school. She walked looking down, her long dark brown hair bouncing up and down as she walked.
As she reached her locker she looked up and I could see her beautiful eyes, which were a mix between honey brown and green, maybe even hazel. Stephanie didn’t talk much, but when she did she was so down to earth and so sweet. That’s why I liked her. I watched as her three best friends reached her and then I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned around to see Danielle Peazer, the cheer captain.
“Hey Liam!” she smiled
“Hey Danielle.” I slightly smiled at her and turned to look for Harry, but he was gone.
“So when is the big game?” she asked as she leaned against the locker
“Saturday.” I answered and just then Stephanie was walking by. I felt my lips curl into a smile and I waved at her, but she didn’t seem to notice.

I watched her walk past us, looking down. She was walking slowly and you could hear her long earrings bouncing up and down. Just then we heard someone call her name and turned to look. It was none other than Zayn Malik. Zayn was a really good friend of mine, but he was also Stephanie’s best guy friend. He was Arabic so he had semi-dark skin and really dark black hair. His eyebrows were really thick and he had an accent that wasn’t hard to miss.
“Stephanie! Wait up!” he called out as he walked past us and towards her.

Danielle was still talking but when she noticed that I wasn’t paying much attention her eyebrows became a slight frown and she looked at me with an annoyed expression.
“Come on.” She commanded with an annoyed tone as she pulled me by the arm towards Stephanie and Zayn.

I heard my name being called out and looked up to see none other than my best guy friends, Zayn. He walked towards me with a smile and then wrapped his arms around me in a tight hug. Zayn had been my best friend since elementary and I was the one who introduced him to Lizzie, who was now his girlfriend.
“How was your weekend?” he asked as we walked.
“Fine, I guess.” I replied
“I won’t take that as an answer” he frowned
“Well that’s my answer” I playfully rolled my eyes at him
“You’re just mad because Danielle is with Liam”
“You think that too?!”
“Come on, I’ve known you since grade school! I know when you’re jealous”
“Well I am not” I said but was then startled at the sight of Danielle and Liam standing next to us.
“Steph hey!” Danielle smiled at me
“Uh, hey” I said awkwardly, I wasn’t even friends with her.
“Hey.” Said Liam with a smile, showing his perfectly white teeth. I slightly blushed.
“I was hoping we could talk.” Said Danielle
“About?” I asked confused
“Come with me!” she smiled and pulled me by the arm with her.

Before I knew it I was standing in the girl’s bathroom with Danielle beside me and I had no clue what was going on. The bathroom was quiet; you could only hear the sounds of people talking in the hallway and the air making the bathroom stalls’ doors move. The light pink color of the walls was so depressing, but I couldn’t help but stare at the wall as I stood there.

Danielle was fixing her hair and applying and extra supply of lip-gloss. She looked at herself in the mirror for a couple of seconds and then turned to me with a creepy little smile.
“Ok, so I know you like Liam” she said
“Excuse me?”
“But I am so sorry to let you know that he doesn’t like you back”
I just stood there not knowing what to say or do.
“How could he like a girl like you? You are always so quiet and so nerdy; do you even know how to do your makeup? Please! Who would ever like you?” she said, I was so shocked because of her words, how could I react?

Danielle gave ne a creepy little smile once again and then giggled slightly. I was starting to think that this was all true. I stood there as she walked towards the door, but then turned back to me.
“Bye looser. Remember don’t get near Liam. I won’t be happy about it, and neither will he.”

I was now walking to my locker after telling Melissa, Lizzie, and Zayn what had happened. I was pretty sure that Melissa would tell Harry and Lizzie would tell Claudette. My eyes were a little bloodshot from crying but now I was feeling a bit better. Just for my luck Liam was standing by my locker waiting for me.
“Hey!” he smiled at me but I ignored him.
“What’s wrong?” he asked in a worried tone, but I just opened my locker and started to get stuff out, ignoring the fact that he was still standing there.

As I took my books out I couldn’t help but look at the picture that was taped there. It was the picture of me, Lizzie, Zayn, Melissa, Harry and Claudette. Those were my closest friends and a small smile formed when I thought of them. The picture reminded me of all the amazing times we had and made me forget about everything that was going on.
“Steph why are you mad at me?” I heard Liam say
“Just leave me alone ok?” I looked away as I slammed my locker door shut and began to walk down the hall and to my next class, leaving a confused Liam standing there.

After Stephanie left me standing there with a confused look on my face i realized that there was something going on. So I decided to ditch my next class and go find Zayn and Harry. They were close with Steph so I knew it would be easy to find out why she was so upset. I didn’t think I had done anything wrong.

After having a long conversation with them I found out that Danielle had told her a bunch of lies, which I didn’t like one bit. Before heading to find Stephanie I decided to go talk to Danielle and let her know that I wasn’t happy about this.

I found her standing by her locker gossiping with her friend. I walked towards them and waited until she turned and faced me.
“Hey lia-“she was saying but I cut her off.
“Why did you lie to Steph?” I snapped
“What do you mean?”
“I know everything you told her”
“I just told her the truth”
“No Danielle, you told her what you want to be the truth”
“Liam come on! I know that we have something special”
“I’m sorry but we don’t” I said and turned around to leave
“Liam! Don’t!” she pulled me back
“Oh and I hate liars” I said and then walked towards the door to find Stephanie.

I was sitting in the nearby park after school. After a really suckish day, coming here always helped me feel a lot better. There were a lot of trees, and flowers of every single size, shape and color. There was even a small lake in the middle where a couple of ducks were swimming around.

I looked around, lost in my thoughts and then realized that Liam was now sitting next to me in the park bench.
“Its beautiful isn’t it?” he smiled
“What are you doing here?”
“But of course you’re even more beautiful.” He smiled and my cheeks turned a light pink color.
“Liam what do you want?” I snapped
“To see you”
“Well I don’t want to see you-“
“Why did you believe Danielle?” he asked
“How do you know about that?”
“Look.” He grabbed both of my hands and locked his eyes in mine. “I think you’re the most beautiful, sweetest, funniest and smartest girl ever. And I really like you.”
“But Danielle said-“
“It doesn’t matter what she said. I like you and that’s final.” He smiled “You shouldn’t always believe what other say”
“I really like you too Liam.” I smiled
“Well isn’t that great?” he smiled and then got closer to me, before crashing his lips against mine in the sweetest way possible.

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