A Game of Tag Watched from the Sidelines

September 13, 2011
By Anonymous

"Why are you also here for me?" He asked, his voice barely above a whisper.
"Well," I said, sitting next to him on the the cold stairs. "It's what friends do right? You support them even though you disagree. Even though the girl they're dating is a complete loser you support your friend because obviously they see something no one else doesn't. Cause that," I finish, bumping his shoulder with mine," is what best friends do."
"So, I'm your best friend huh?" He looks at me, his voice a little stronger now.
"Yes." I smile, but I wish you were so much more.
"No one. None of the others, were ever there for me like you are, they left because they didn't like my decisions."
Slowly he curled an arm around my waist setting off the butterflies on my stomach. Hesitantly I laid my head on his shoulder, this made it easy to believe he wanted me unstead of her. I wish, this could last forever. Even though my butt was cold and my stomach was growling at me. I wanted this to last forever.
A pair of lips were laid upon my head. "Thank you." He said loudly this time. "Thank you for being here for me no matter what."

* * * * *

The loud clicking of my phone disturbed the silence of my empty house.
My friends want me to leave you alone for a while, that maybe if I do I'll get over you. And they tell me you'll never choose me. I sent to him.
Nervously I stared at the room, watching the summer flies dart about. Chasing each other in a frenzied game of tag. Except the third. It just flew patiently waiting for them to finish their game. The silence had returned, loud at intruding. The loud vibrate of my phone chased the silence away and my hands fumbled for my phone.
They're right, I wont choose you. I can't. She's amazing. I've loved her for so long. But please, don't stop talking. Never ever stop talking. Talking to you brightens my day.
And slowly, the tears slid down my cheeks. The Flies just blobs of black, still darting back in forth. In a constant game of tag. And the third still waited.
Don't worry. I wont. I couldn't if I wanted too. You are my addiction. Since when have we not talked everyday? This will make it easier to get over you.
And after for the first time, I lied to him. I was the third fly. I would wait till he'd finished his game of tag.

* * * * *
"Get out of my room or I will sit on you!" I yelled at my brother, earning a chuckle from the other end of the phone.
"If that's how you punish people, I'd get in a lot of trouble." His breath whisper came from the other end of the phone."
Giggling, I shut the door behind my brother and thumped down on the bed. Folding my leg under me. "You're such a guy. Oh hey! Whisper mud and pollution in my ear." Giggling already.
"Mud and pollution?" He whispered, uncertainty at what I was making him say this time.
And that sent me on a full out laughing spree.
"What?" He asked. Laughing himself now.
"You whispered dirty things in my ear." I whispered to him, making my whisper as dirty as I could.
His breathy chuckle sent a shiver down my spine. "You are cute."
"Psssh. I am not. You are cute."
"No. No I'm not. Oh, hey. I was gonna tell you something..." His voice trailed off sounding a little guilty.
"Yes?" I asked. Drawing the word out so it was two.
"Is it okay if..." He trailed off again.
"Common. Spit it out already."
"Is it okay if I ask out Ruby?"
Something inside of me froze. Say no! Part of me yelled. Say no! You're heart is gonna be ripped to pieces. Laughing nervously I asked, "Why would you need to ask me?"
"Well," I heard him shift uncomfortably in his bed. "Because she's your ex. And you like me. And I wanna check you'd be okay."
Say. No. Say. No. "Nah. I'll be fine!" I said, a little to happily. Cringing at my voice. Eventually.... I tacked on in my head.
Why didn't you say no?! Part of me screamed.
"You sure?"
"Oh, thank you. I really love her. I always have."
"Aw, you're so cute. Anyhow. It's late and you have church in the morning. Sleep."
"Okay. Night. I love you. Have a good day." He whispered.
"Night. I love you too." More then you know.
"Yeah, night. I'm hanging up now. I love you." And I quickly hung up. Burring my face in the pillow I clutched my phone to my chest. I won't cry over you again. I thought furiously to him even though he couldn't hear me. Suddenly my chest buzzed.
You're so cute. I love you. Enjoy you're day.
Something inside of me broke and the tears flowed down.

* * * * *
"Wake up Georgina. You gotta come look after the dog for me." Rolling over groggily I reached for my phone blindly.
"What time is it?" I asked my mother.
"Check yourself." She told me pulling my phone off charge and handing it to me.

Two New Message from J x
My heart beat widely. I loved it when I woke up to messages from him.
The first one said:
I asked her...
And I hoped. I hoped so bad she had said no. And then cursed myself for being such a bad friend.
...She said yes! I'm so happy, Gorgor! :3 SHE SAID YES!
And something inside me died. Like a petal falling from flower. And for the second time in 24 hours, I cried.

"Well, you're making it hard for me to wait Jay." I whispered to myself.

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