I'll Make This Perfect Again

September 28, 2011
By IsabelleRamsay SILVER, Oakville, Other
IsabelleRamsay SILVER, Oakville, Other
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It was quiet, when Josh woke up. All he could hear was the dripping of water in a far off corner and the sound of his own breathing. He opened his eyes. All he could see was blackness. He was shivering, it was very cold. All he had on was a short sleeve t-shirt and a pair of jeans.
All of a sudden, Josh sat up. His breath turned to gasps as he remembered Isabelle. He tried to stand up, but his legs fell under his weight. His head split open as he thought of her, sitting alone in their newly bought home, waiting for him to arrive with open arms. Izzy was his soon to be wife. And now, he would never see her again.

'S***', Josh swore and he was surprised at the weakness in his own voice. He blinked as the room started coming into focus. In front of him, was a flash light and something else? He snatched the shiny metal light and flicked it on.

Josh glanced around the room before finding out what was in front of him. From as far as he could see, there was no door, no windows and . . . . No escape. The room was stone and water was dripping from the roof. Finally, Josh glanced in front of himself. Where the flashlight had been was a tray, and on the tray was a piece of paper. On top was a small piece of bread.

He pushed the bread aside and grabbed the note. He took a sorrowful look at the bread and realized how hungry he really was. He picked up the crumbling bread and ate while he read.

Dear Josh,
I am your one true love. I have taken you here, so you don't make the biggest mistake of your life, marrying that b****, Isabelle. But don't worry, she will eventually forget about you and move on, marry some willing man, down to her level. . . And you will forget about her, and marry me.

I love you with all my heart, and I wish I could put you somewhere else, but then you would try to escape, wouldn't you? I love you.

Your One True Lover.

Josh was shaking; he almost ripped it up, but thought better of it and slipped it in his back pocket.
A water bottle rolled in from somewhere, he grabbed it and drank half the bottle. Soon, he felt drowsy and thought dizzily of how the food must have been drugged. He slowly fell asleep. . .


Izzy woke up and rolled over. She threw her arm over cold sheets and sat up suddenly. 'Where's Josh?' She thought, panicked. Wasn't he usually home by eleven? She took a worried glance at the digital clock beside her on the bedside table. It blinked at her, two o'clock. S***. Where was he? She got up and began searching around the house, hoping he had fallen asleep on the couch, or had gotten up to go to the bathroom.
Izzy was shaking as she looked in the last destination he could be, the garage. She flicked on the light and looked over piles of unpacked boxes. He wasn't here. Tears started forming in her eyes, but she forced herself to stay calm. She hurried to the kitchen and looked at the clock again, three forty.
She picked up the phone, not caring if she woke anyone up. She dialed the number on the fridge Josh always left, just for emergencies. A tired voice answered, "Yeah. . ." It said.
"Hi Matt, is Josh still there?" she was still trying to keep the panic from her voice, he was probably there and had forgotten to call. Right? Right?
This caught Matt's attention. "No, he's not," S***, s***, s***. "He left a couple of hours ago, why isn't he home yet?"
Izzy let the tears roll freely now. She didn't answer being too concentrated on controlling heaving sobs.
"Izz? Isabelle? Are you okay, want me to come over?" He sounded worried as well.
"Y-yes, please c-come over." She sobbed.
"I'll be over soon."
Matt was extremely annoyed when the phone rang at three am, he sat up and grabbed it. "Yeah." he said tiredly. When it was Izzy's voice, he smiled, hoping she would invite him over. If Josh hadn't been engaged to her, they probably would have been a couple. But he was let down when Izzy asked about Josh. She was sobbing now he could hear it through the phone. Had Josh left her?
He sure hoped. He took his chance and asked if he could come over. Matt was already in the car when she replied. He hung up and shoved the key into the ignition. The Hummer purred to life and he pulled out the driveway.
Matt pulled into Isabelle's driveway. He prepared for the best. He thought of Izzy's green eyes and reached into the glove compartment. He slipped some condoms into his pocket and got out of the car.

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