When Doves Cry

September 4, 2011
By scribe-of-wonder-world SILVER, Houston, Texas
scribe-of-wonder-world SILVER, Houston, Texas
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John, an unemployed bachelor, sullenly returns to his cottage after a vain search for work. On his treacherous journey, John comes across a bleeding dove lying on the ground. He stoops down to examine the bird and sees a bullet stuck in its leg. The gruesome sight astounds him. John carries the dove to his house and removes the bullet. The beautiful dove opens its eyes and gazes at John. The dove gracefully flutters away, leaving a long feather behind as a token of gratitude.

Months later, John still has not abandoned his futile pursuit for employment. One cold night as he heads home, a girl approaches John and asks him if he knows of a place that she may reside in for the night. He offers, "Come with me to my home." She gratefully accepts his invitation and follows him to his meager cottage.

John asks her, "What is your name?" The girl replies by saying her name is Irene. She spends the night at his house. The next day, John asks her if she would like to stay longer. Since she has nowhere else to go, Irene wholeheartedly acquiesces.

Even though days and weeks pass, Irene remains at John's house. John cannot be more joyful since he has fallen in love with Irene. Irene shows her gratitude for his kindness by cooking hearty meals and cleaning the cottage. After a while, it becomes apparent to Irene that John does not have much wealth, so she decides to help him. Irene informs John that she will find her old diamonds and sell them to make money.

"Irene, I can't allow a guest to pay for her stay," John argues.

"I have to express my gratitude for your kindness, but promise me that you won't enter the room while I search for my diamonds," Irene pleads. Mysteriously, Irene produces diamonds and sells them for a large fortune. John begins to wonder how Irene finds diamonds throughout her room, so he decides to check on her. When John enters Irene's room, he does not see Irene, but a mourning dove whose tears create beautiful diamonds. He realizes that Irene is the dove that he saved so long ago. John sneaks away, hoping that Irene did not notice him. His movements are in vain, for the bird glimpses him.

"John, I am the dove that you rescued last summer," Irene attempts to explain, "I came back to you in the form of a woman to repay you for your kindness." Irene continues, "I would have remained a woman for you, but now that you know my true form I cannot live with you anymore."

"I'm sorry; I did not know!" he exclaims.

The dove gloomily gazes upon John's misery-stricken face, "I'm sorry, but I have to leave you."

She flies away, leaving yet another feather for John who painfully sheds tears for someone who was, is, and will be dear to him.

The author's comments:
There are many things in life that we take for granted; one of them should not be love.

Countless times, we look back at a time that is no more and wonder if it flew away, like John's Irene.

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