Hide & Seek

August 20, 2011
By Your.GunMy.Head SILVER, Newark, Ohio
Your.GunMy.Head SILVER, Newark, Ohio
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They were the greatest of friends. Never needed anyone else, they had each other. That’s what Avery thought. He did not need anyone else to be happy as long as he had her. Taylor was his other half. They grew being neighbors, sharing the same toys, playing games over the chain fence. That was their only boundary. But eventually boundaries will be down. Taylor had many friends and lived a life everyone else wanted, except for when she was around him. He made her shine. He let her sleep over so she was safe. Safe from her house and safe from herself. The past 2 years taylor has been upset. After her mom passed it was just her and her dad. Taylor became depressed and started hurting her loved ones and even herself. She don’t want Avery to see, but one day he does. They were laying on his trampoline and he seen what she has been hiding. Why she don’t go out anymore, her life has changed.
“promise you won’t do this again, me seeing you hurt hurts me. Your my best friend and you’ll always have me.”
” but I don’t feel like I’m happy anymore, everyone else who is upset does it.”
” but your not like everybody else”
She sighed and told him to stop talking about how great she is. Deep down she wanted to hear it, deep down she wanted to be held.
” I got to go” she good and left.

Chapter 2 Avery

Waking up for the first day of school is always a drag when your older. When your younger on the other hand is what you wait for. So happy to see your class and learn. You wake up early get dressed and grab your most important thing of the day. Your lunch box. Avery, had a Tom and Jerry lunch box. His favorite cartoon. Stretching as he woke for his first day of his sophomore year, he knew today was going to go good. He was in all enriched classes, he woke up early so he could eat breakfast. He could eat cereal all day, it was the best food to him.
Hoping out of his shower he dries his hair and goes to get his clothes on. Blue plaid long sleeve button down shirt with a with undershirt, holy jeans and his nikes and he was good to go. For breakfast Avery chose berry crunch, with extra milk.
” trash needs to go out Avery before you leave” his mom yelled down.
Sighing avery gets up to do the chores his mom makes him do cause it’s just the two of them. Avery’s dad was never in the picture. He didn’t know much about him, he knew he owned a business down in arizona. Where he lived for the first 2 years of his life that he can’t remember. Then he moved here to Boise, Idaho. His mom got a job for some insurance company and it paid really good. He didn’t care much, he never saw his mom, nor anyone else.
Walking outside through the back yard Avery sees a ring on the trampoline from last night. After putting the trash away he grabs it goes to get his backpack and heads over to taylor’s house. Walking in the backdoor he sees taylor’s dad sitting at the table making breakfast for Taylor. He knows she won’t eat it, so why bother?
“Hey George”
“she is almost ready, just doing the last first impressions”
“okay” taking a seat at the table he hears her shut the door and begins walking down the steps.

Chapter 3 Taylor

Taylor goes inside to a dinner he dad had made. The smell filled the room and taylor’s stomach growled. She was hungry but did not want to sit down with her dad. She wanted to have her mom back. She knew she couldn’t though. Her mom died ffrom over dose and Taylor got teased. She never understood why her mom wasn’t happy. Everyday she thought what it would be like to have her mom back.
Every time she wished for something it was to have her mom back, her dad understood that he couldn’t replace her. So he didn’t let Taylor know he was with someone else.
“it’ll be in the microwave if you change your mind” he dad said as she slowly walked up the steps to her empty room. It used to be so bright and colorful. Now it’s white. A bed and a stereo is all she needed to be happy anymore.
Taylor never went anywhere without her cell. It was her way to the parties and the connection between the people she calls her friends. There was a party tonight at Sarah’s house. It was the last day before school officially started. It was gonna be huge, and everyone was going to be there. Taylor stated home and drank herself to sleep.
Waking up with a hangover is not the greatest thing. She always took some headache meds and was on her way. The sun poured into her room waking her with a groan.
“don’t want to be late for your first day” her dad said
She had to get up at 540 since class began at 730. She had picked out clothes to wear. Green tee with trees looking like they were coming to life, pair of skinny jeans with some red chucks and she thought she was good. She got ready
early and decided to lay there and go over her schedule. Her music going and her feet swaying, she so happy when she was alone.
The back door closed and she stopped her music. Hearing nothing she figured her dad left for work so she went down stairs. Shutting her door the walking down the steps she grabbed her car keys.
“hey Tay” Avery said as he had a big smile on his face. “ready for school, you look like it”
“thanks.” turning the corner she seen her dad had cooked breakfast and she told Avery let’s go. With out questioning Avery got up and they headed out.
Taylor drove her and Avery to school. Avery couldn’t get his drivers license cause he had muscle spasms. He has turrets and he hated it. As Avery got outside she went back into to tell her dad bye.

Chapter 4

“I found this on the trampoline” holding the ring in the air it sparkled. Reflecting the sun in multiple ways.
“I thought I lost that!” talbot said with total amazement.
“What does it go to?”
“it was my mom’s before she died, I don’t ever take it off. Thank you.”
Avery can feel that sadness that rushed through her body as she thought about her mom. He knew this hurt her more than any thing has before.
“You okay?” knowing the answer her still asked.
“yeah I’ll be okay. I just miss my mom.”
“I know how you fe-“
“No you don’t” she interrupted. “You don’t how it is to lose someone so close. To have them die because they are not happy with you or their life. You never knew your dad so you didn’t have feelings to have to let go.”
“i don’t know how it is to lose someone so close. But I know how it is to have some one who is not there. Your dad is trying and your pushing him away and drowning your self in alcohol. Yeah it hurts but you need to give d*mn chance, he lost her too.”

she began crying as she parked the car in the parking lot at school.
“I’m sorry Tay, I didn’t mean to make you cry.”
“It’s not your fault, I just want to know why she wasn’t happy. What did I do?”
“You didn’t do anything wrong Taylor.” Avery went to grab a napkin out of her glove box to wipe her tears. Seeing her cry was hard for him. He knows she is in pain and he wants to help, but there is nothing he can do but be there and let her live her life. Quite rose in the car as they sat there and watched the kids pass by on their way to class.
“Come on let’s not be late to class on our first day.” Avery quickly gets out to go get the door for he. He always tried to impress her and show him how she should be treated. He knew she didn’t need it cause she didn’t want it.
“thank you sir”
Taking a bow “your welcome queen”
Laughing together like they always do they headed to their class.

Their class were at opposite ends of school for the first half of the day. Avery’s first class was his favorite subject, biology. He sat in the middle of the room and got to know the teacher. As students started coming into class Avery spotted his friend Josh. Josh goes over and sits right beside Avery.
“Hey man, long time.”
“yeah I know, how was your summer?”
“Same old, go stay with my grandma and help on our farm, you?”
“haha farmer tan I see. I just hung with Taylor and helped my mom.”
“Bro you’re always with her. Did you find a summer love?” just as josh asked that the bell rang and it got quiet.
“Here we go” Avery said with a giggle.

Taylor was walking down the hall to her class as she spotted Tom. Tom was a friend of hers. She never talks to him now that he is higher on the “popularity list” as she called it.
“hey Tom”
Walking up to her,
“hey tay, where you headed?” Tom seemed to over tower her.
“French 1 with simons, you?”
“Bio, with Carter.” taking a quick phase he spoke. Again, this time in a more disgusted tone.
“I have to go, don’t want to be late.”
Tom is always been someone Taylor has liked. She met him in 8th grade. Then he was not as tall, neither did he have as much talent. Walking away Taylor smiled as if someone has just kissed her. The bell rang, and she was late. Way to start out the new day taylor thought.
“hey, can you show me where room 125 is?”
Puzzled Taylor turned around and seen a medium height girl with a gentle face and blue eyes with dirty blonde hair.
“sorry I am new here, and I was hoping not to be late.”
“that’s okay, your going to my class, and I will show you the way. My name is Taylor, what about you?”
“well Rachel welcome, and this is our classroom.”

Lunch came quick, and Avery was starving. He was close to the front of the line as Taylor and Rachel were back at the table. Josh was late to the lunch room, he had a class at the other end of the building and was almost out of breath when he came down and sat beside Avery.
“what’s for lunch?”
“Mac and cheese, and it’s not worth it either.”
Having that input Josh decided to sit down with the group and not have lunch today.
“Guys, this is Rachel. She is new and is in my first period. We were late together” Taylor seemed happy she wasn’t alone walking in.
Sitting there they all got to know each other. Most of the time was spent asking who the new girl was. Josh started becoming more interested in Rachel then Avery and Taylor. The air around seemed to be nothing but summer lies and people trying to sound like they had the best summer. First day of school and drama gets started, but that is high school. The time where teens try to become themselves, learn more than ever and go through what makes them different. Laughs are spilling out everywhere some more louder than the others.
“when is lunch over?” Taylor always wanted lunch to be over.
“should be right now, well that’s what it says.”
Just as those words spilled out of Avery’s mouth the bell rang. The sound of the bell seemed to be like a Teacher saying class Is over. Everyone got up at the same time, made it seem like they all wanted out of here. Getting out of the door was hard, everyone was ramming through. Finally everyone got through and the next class was just down the hall. They all had film class together. Taylor, Avery, Rachel, and Josh sat in the back, thinking back here they could talk forever during class. This soon was over looked when the principle came in and announced that he was the teacher due to miss shaper having a early delivery.
“this will be a blast, principle Heck as our teacher”
Taylor agreed with Josh and he just sat in his desk all slouched like he was in a recliner.
As soon as the class had started it had ended and only one more period to go. Taylor and Avery were smart kids and had only 6 classes instead of 8. Josh and Rachel had school all day.
Today was the first day of school for the sophomore friends. Avery had a great day and so did Taylor. On their way home Taylor made a stop at a park and looked at Avery.
“Get out.”

Chapter 5

The park was empty. The thought that a park was full of life and happiness with kids had disappeared when Avery stepped out of the car. Confused, Avery walked to the swing set that him and Taylor always sat. They could swing for hours and talk about anything. They had their own world when they were at the park. They were kids again. Which is all Avery wanted. To be kids, when nothing mattered, when Taylor was his best friend, his only friend. Just like now. Nothing matters to him but her, and she is still his only true friend. The wind started blowing as Avery sat on the swing. Letting his mind run blank, letting all that he kept inside out, Avery started to cry. He thought to himself what is wrong. He never knew why made him sad but the simple fact that life was not his forte.
Clearing the warmth of the tears in his eyes, leaving trickles of water on his chin, looking at his hands he feels the power he has. The power to end anything and Antibes life. They are just hands. Just simple hands that only he controls, the power he holds is all right there. In font of his face appeared a red shoe. Converse, Avery knew it way Taylor. Those were the only shoes she wore, and she pulled them off very well.
“why are you crying?”
“why did you drop me off at the park Taylor? You know I don’t like being here alone.”
That was a lie. Avery loved the park to himself, it let him re-vision the times of their childhood. Avery knew that Taylor would be with him if they came here, so he told he he didn’t like coming alone.
“I don’t know. I figured that we could swing, like old times.”
” I would enjoy that, but you could have taken me home to drop off some stuff.” Avery was now a little mad he didn’t know she wanted to come here.
“I know, but I didn’t want your mom to keep you home.” Taylor seemed happy as she sat on the swing next to Avery.
As they swing they got higher and higher, Avery’s face was getting cold from the wet left from his tears.
“Remember when we had a cookout here, and you threw up on the swing cause you ate to many hotdogs? That was a fun day, I miss those days.”
“yeah, me too.”
The park was clear and quiet, the only noise was the squeakiness of the swings as they moved back and forth. The sun slowly rotates around the earth everyday. On this day at this moment Avery and Taylor swung to the sun as it set. Talking about their past together it was shockingly inurrupted by a call from Avery’s mom.
“hey mom”
Taylor sitting a swing away can hear his mom yell at him for not coming home right after school.
“but mom I am fine.”
“get home, you have chores and homework, I don’t want to have to call you again to tell you to get home.”

Avery ended the call and took a deep sigh.
“mom wants me home, can you take me?”
“Sure, dad prolly is worried and I should leave too.”
Hoping off the swing they jumped at the same time and landed together.

“hey mom, sorry I didn’t let you know.”
The door shutting left the only noise in the house.
Avery, left to go out for the night.
Love mom.
Avery sat at the kitchen table for what seemed like forever just thinking about his mom. She was always working or leaving to party. She wants to feel free and young, but sometimes try to hard. Avery never brings friends since his mom is so different. He is embarrassed, but at the same time she is all he has and he loves her. Just like Taylor and her dad, he is all she has and even know they are not on common terms, she still loves him. At one point they even saw each other, Taylor and Avery were weirded out, but this brought them closer ‘cause they saw each other so much. They would always play in the other room and have a blast. No matter how their day went when they were together they laughed.

So the story so far? these are just outlines of the first 5 chapters of a story i’m writing. :) hope you enjoyed

"inside everything there is a center not to be touched, many secrets not to be heard, and many thoughts never said. so go hide, run and be you, i have been seeking you forever. i cant take this, im through."

The author's comments:
this is a story i have the forst 5 outlines for, i want to see what people think before i put up more outlines then get to writing it all.. so comments help even if you dont like it.

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Hmmm...I know that this is an outline, but I'm just saying that there are lots of editing mistakes. And it seems to be off to a good start in my opinion. Just one thing that really bugged me: "Talking about their past together it was shockingly interrupted by a call from Avery's mom." Idk why, but the shockingly interrupted part just REALLY bugs me for some reason XD

Can't wait to see this in story form!!! Please tell me when you are done with the other part by replying to this comment, it will send me an email and it will lead me back here so I can see what you wrote. Thanks! Have fun!!!:):):);)

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