Run Strong

September 13, 2011
By Anonymous

Running. Never looking back. I turn to Lily, trying to be strong

but terrorized inside. I never would have thought to be running with

the girl of my dreams, although we were runing from our worst night


Since we were four, Lily and I have been best friends and

neighbors. She calls me Duke, as in my middle name, that is what

everyone really calls me. My real name is Tyler. We live is a little city

of Denton, North Carolina. I've lived here my whole life. Lily and I

have been in the same classes since preschool. She tells me

everything and I tell her everything.

This whole mess started yesterday morning. It started just like

any old day of my junior year in High school. A new neighbor had

moved in across the street from Lily and I. House number 3518 on

West Sunshine Avenue. As Lily struggled to walk normally to the 67'

Mustang in my driveway. It was black as a cool October night. I am

baffled at Lily's expression on her face, while her walk was setting

her off gaurd.

I finally speak up," Lily you all right?"

"Yeah, what's going on over there?" She replied quietly.

" Mr. Peters is his name , my mom met him and you know how that goes,"

She said he just got out of jail for potential kidnapping or whatever that means."

"Wow, sounds like a freak show," she snorted softly.

Mr. Peters was a small equipped elder man. He was wrinkly all over his

body and stern in the face.

"So Lil," I said leaning on the car."Ready to go?"

"Yeah let's hit it." She said while easing her way into the passenger seat.

We didn't really talk much in the car. I just turned up the tunes and rolled

down he window as we drove toward closer to town. Even if I tried listening to

hear what was saying I am admiring her beautiful blonde hair. I am normally

distracted by the the pools of blue in her eyes.

We pulled into our usually parking spot in the back of the school. We went

to West Jefferson High school. It is known to have great atheltes,such as our

amazing football team. They are having their big game tonight, so Lily and I are

going to walk to the game tonight with a lot of our friends. We do this every

game really.

We got out of school at two. We headed back home steadily just watching

the town get ready for the game. We pull into my driveway and discuss about the

plans tonight.

"Hey Lily, so you want to walk around six?"

"Sure," she replied.

Time passed like no other and before we knew it the game was over and

of course we won. Lily and I were alone heading home. The others went to the

after party as for us we had decided just to head home. It was really quiet on the

streetsm almost as if nobody lived in town. Odd. The night also had a cool


"The night is beautiful, but seems strange and cold," lily said.

"Here take my jacket I don't need it anyway. It does seem weird," I replied.

"Thanks," she replied softly.

Suddenly out of the blue a strange black van with extremely tented

windows sped up and 3 people jusmped out of the car. They all had black ski

masks and dressed from head to toe in black. They had a gun in all of their

hands. The more slim man with dark green eyes had shot me in my leg. The

pain was something I had never felt before. In the background of me falling to my

side gasping from pain, I was hearing Lily's cry in the background. I closed my

eyes for a brief second to hold the pain, but the next thing I knew she was gone.

I remember hearing one of the men say "alrighty boss back to your place right". I

couldn't make out any of the voices but heard little of the situation. Another one

of the men said in a low cut voice "pack her up" and then I realized the voice it

was Mr. Peters.

I sat up holding my right thigh tightly to stop the bleeding no use. I was

trying to puzzle out everything that just happened while helping my wound. I

ripped a part of my shirt and tied it tightly around the bullet spot. After I tried

many times to walk, I began to run to my house. On the way I thought about

calling lily and seeing if she would pick up but I had found out the hard way too


I had recieved a call from lily's phone, but it was't her. It was Mr. Peters.

"So," Mr. Peters started. "Having a pleasant evening so far. How is your leg so

far noticed you were shot, pitty."

"What have you done with her?" I bark at him.

"Oh the girl, relax she is actually right next to me," Mr. Peters remarked. "As

matter of fact she was just telling me about you."

After that I heard a such of a zapping noise followed my a cry at that

moment I was in terror that Lily wasn't okay.

"Don't touch her," I yelled. "What do you want?"

"I want to kill you," He said slowly. "But I guess I'll have to kill the girl first."

"Don't Touch her you can have me let her go!" I state very loudly.

"Fine be at my place in 15 minutes or the girl gets it first." He announces diligintly

into the phone.

The he hung up. I was absolutely shocked and I didn't know what to do. I

thought I have to go get lily. I ran to my house trying not to be seen but the cops

were already there looking for us. Lily's and my parents were worried. Cops were

on every corner how do I get past them to get to my room and grab a gun? I ran

through the backyards and darted through my back door. The house was

suprisingly quiet. It was becase the cops were just on their way in the door. I

dashed through myroom and out the door. I was now feeling dizzy about how

much blood I had lost.

I slip out my bedroom window and I fake a cop and cross the street and

break down the back door at the Peters house. The house was dark accept for a

door that led to what seem to be a basement. I creep down the steps slowly and

as I reach the bottom, I find Lily. She was duct taped entirely to a chair and her

mouth was duct taped shut as well. She looked pitifull. She was happy to see me

but what stood behind her was Mr. Peters and the other men from the car. As I

walk they had shocked Lily with some type of contraption that left puffy welts that

would make her skin bleed.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here," Mr. Peters said refering to me. "Come

to die?"

"First why?" I stated while I was pulled out my gun toward him.

As I did this the two men were closer torward me now and I held firmly.

I stood stiff as a board when one guy pointed toward Lily.

"Fine, I will tell you," He began. "I knew your father and he took the love of my

life away from me and the only thing that makes them happy is you. I could

always give your mother happiness but she chose wrong. There I told you now

drop the weapon and prepare to die or your little blonde friend will get it!"

I was so angry I miss fired and shot one mans had causing him to fire

back at Mr. Peters. He fell to the floor dead and the two men were furious.

"We are getting the cops and telling them you did this," one man shouted.

I watch them run up the stairs and then I quickly ran to Lily as I fight back

at my pain.

"Lily, are you okay?" I said as I untied her and got her off the chair. "You don't

look at all."

"Yeah, I'll be fine," She replied after the screams she had let out from all the duct

and wounds. "Let's go."

She could barely walk, so I carried her up the stairs quickly. After that we

darted down the street full speed. We headed for town toward the big Oak wood


Now returning back to where I was Running. Never looking back. I turn to

lily, trying to be strong but terrorized inside. I never would have thought to be

running with the girl of my dreams, although we were runing from our worst night


When we finally arrived at the church I could tell me and Lily were

almost dying there was so much blood. Lily comforting me and help clean up my

cuts and bruises or just the opposite. We sat down and talked and she explained

to what he did to her.

"After You were shot they took me back to his house and they started beating

me with whatever that thing was," Lily remarked.

"Hey, listen it's over we are going to be okay," I said trying to be reassuring. "Our

problems are we are being chased down by our parents and cops for something

we didn't do and we are badly injured.

"How is that helping," She asked. "Duke, I'm scared."

"It's alright, right now we will have to go to the hospital because we aren't looking

so good," I pleed. " And then our parents can find us there and we can tell them

what happened."

"Okay," She said unhappily.

"But first," I say and before I knew it we were just standing in the middle of a

church kissing. Sparks started to fly, but before I realized we were done kissing, I

was past out.

The next morning I woke up in the hospital. And sure enough Lily was I

the next to me somehow. Our parents were in the hallway talking but, Lily had

woken up and we spoke.

"Rise and shine sleepy head," I say half awake. " How are you feeling?"

"A little tired," She replied " And sore."

"Hey about last night . . . " I started.

"I wanted you too alright now get some sleep," She replied shockingly. "Now get

some sleep alright."

"Okay," I yawned. "Lily, I love you."

"I love you too," Lily spoke basically asleep.

After that my mind sent itself to my thoughts and dreamed and I coudn't

keep thinking of her.

The author's comments:
It was written to show a relationship

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