The Park Bench

September 11, 2011
By suprgrl_21 GOLD, Newton, Kansas
suprgrl_21 GOLD, Newton, Kansas
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Everyday for eight years an elderly couple has sat on the same bench in the park. Always in a good mood and perfectly happy. Anytime you walked by it made you smile, no matter what mood you were in. You were so happy for them hand in hand for eight years and more. You could sit down beside them and hold the most encouraging, delighting conversation with them, no matter what you had to say, they listened to every single word that spilled out of your mouth.

One of the most amazing things this cute couple had was a family bible. They carried that bible everywhere. Anytime you sat on that bench with them and needed some answers, they helped guide you with their best map.

Until one day a tragic accident took the life of both. Although they were dearly missed, people rejoiced in the life they had lived. Their funeral wasn’t full of family, but of strangers, friends, believers, and their only child.

Ever since then the park has been very quiet, and their bench has been left empty. No one has sat on that bench for nineteen years. Now I’m fourty-four with four of my own children and each one of them know the story by heart.
Following tradition, every month we go and plant fresh new flowers next to the bench and repaint it. Reminding us of the way one or two people can make a difference, young, old, big, small. You can change the world.

The author's comments:
This piece was written in memory of my grandparents, although this is a fiction piece, it truly reminds me of them.

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