Surfboards, Him, and Me

September 11, 2011
By PopcornPrincess BRONZE, Private, Other
PopcornPrincess BRONZE, Private, Other
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I watched the waves rolling into shore. I saw many surfers, but one stood out to me. He was tan, with brown/black hair. I watched as he rode the waves into shore. He saw me, smiled, then walked towards me. "What am I to do?" I thought to myself. He sat down next to me, and started a conversation. All I could do was smile.
Surfboards, him, and me, on the beach.
He asked me for my name. I said my name was Jessica, because, that is of course my name. I also told him he could call me Jessie, for short. Now, you are reading this story thinking of a happy ending. Think again. He asked me where i was staying, and for how long. It turned out that we were staying right next door to each other, and we were both staying the whole summer. He told me that his name was John. I wondered if i was dreaming.

John said he would meet me back here the next day. He said he might buy me some ice cream! All seemed great. I was happy, and couldn’t as for a better day! I thought this would be the perfect beach trip. I had someone to talk to, he liked me, and he was cute! Why would this perfect day ever have to come crashing down? Couldn't have stayed how it was? for the moment, it was great. I enjoyed every minute of my time with John. He was kind, and he told me I was pretty!
Ice cream, oh defiantly! It was delicious. we talked, laughed, and I felt this weird feeling in my stomach. Was it because I liked him, or was it the ice cream? It might have been a little of both. I liked the feeling. My own little world was, well, perfect, but apparently, not.
Apparently, I wasn’t pretty enough.

One day, my parents said that we would be staying in town for 3 weeks, instead of the beach. We were going to visit family. They told me that another family would rent our beach house while we were gone. I ran to John's house to tell him about the news. he was disappointed, and said he couldn’t wait for me to come back. I was going to miss him so much.

Now, here comes the bad part.

Three weeks couldn’t have gone by slower. We had fun, but I missed John. We finally came back, though. I ran out to the beach, only to find John, smiling, and holding hands with some girl. I was crying as I began to run inside. He saw me, though, and chased after me. I told him to leave me alone, but he refused. I asked who that... girl... was, and he said her name was Julia. Her family had rented our beach house while we were gone. He tried to keep talking, but I ran inside, my heart broken in two.

So much for my happily ever after.

Surfboards, him, and her, while I sit on the beach, with a broken heart.

The author's comments:
this is partly true but mostly fake

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