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September 10, 2011
By ellalovesbooks BRONZE, Brighton, Other
ellalovesbooks BRONZE, Brighton, Other
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its always darkest before dawn

Knock, knock, knock, the sound emanating from the door, the big red door, at the end of the corridor at the end of the stairs. Shouting and laughter fills out from the lounge next to the door, my mum, walking out, and her bright red hair unmistaken. “I’ll get it!” I yelled from upstairs, running past the cracked wall paper and images of my life, a memoir plastered to the walls. I charged past her, my mother gave me one of those ‘I’m confused but you’re a teenager so it’s to be expected’ looks and walked back into the lounge. I looked in the mirror opposite, making sure my hair wasn’t a ransacked mess and the mascara and lip gloss I had applied earlier hadn’t melted all over my face. I took a deep breath… and opened the door.

“Hi” he said smiling, I smiled back.
“Hi, so where are we going?” I asked. He looked at me with his dark green eyes and grinned, then ran his hands through his gorgeously messy hair.
“Wherever you want” he winked, I bust out laughing and took his waiting hand whilst shutting the door behind us. His jeans rubbed against my bare legs while we walked. We talked about nothing, pizza, what’s your favourite? Do you like sports? Is your dress new? I haven’t seen you in it before…, and everything, be it important or just important to us, what GCSE’s are you taking? And do you like harry potter? We walked all the way to the park, you know the one with the swings and slides and grass? We sat on a bench; I played with the hem of my dress while he rubbed his hands together, nervous.

He looked at me, and I mean REALLY looked at me, like in cheesy books where they say ‘and he looked into my soul’ and when you read it your thinking, that’s so fake, people don’t look at you like that! But he was looking at me like that, it made me blush, he smiled, broadly, then whispered, “I really like you.” My tummy fluttered, butterfly’s, I blushed brighter and looked down, then his hand was on my arm, hot and warm and comforting, I looked up, his other hand on my face, my cheek. Then he kissed me, it was quick and fast and scary. It was my first kiss. It made my heart ache. I looked him straight in the eyes and kissed him again, for longer. I wrapped my arms around his neck, not wanting to let go. He tasted of Fanta twist, and apples. Then it stopped, as fast as it had started, I didn’t know what to say, weather I should jump up and down or just smile, like the Mona Lisa.

“What was that for?” I giggled and blushed, my fingers pushing my hair behind my ear.

“Nothing really” he smiled at me, tentatively. As if he wasn’t quite sure how to reply. “Do you want to be my girlfriend? I mean I should have asked sooner but I didn’t want you to say no but I really like you and i… I um…” he just looked at me, not sure what to say. I nodded, he exhaled. I laughed; he had been holding his breath while I decided. It was a no brainer. He was cute and funny and sweet and caring, there was no way I could say no.

We were at my door, the big red one on Eddergreen drive, number 49. I opened the door and bit my lip. I hesitated before looking back at him, in his blue t-shirt and jeans with those big green eyes. I kissed him quickly, a peck, then blushed and went inside whilst shouting, “See you tomorrow, at school” I heard him laugh and walk off. I ran upstairs, grabbing my mobile on the way up, I flipped it open, looking for her number, the one that said ‘BEST FRIEND’, whilst pulling off my shoes and randomly throwing them behind me. I collapsed on my bed, blissed out.

I dialled her number. Ring, ring, ring, ring, “YELLOW!” came the upbeat voice on the other end.
“Yellow? Never mind, you’ll never guess what happed today!! He came round and oh My God!” we yelled at each other, screaming in little bursts of joy. She bolted questions down the phone ‘what happened? What did you talk about? Where did you go? Did he kiss you?’ I laughed and answered question after question, promising to tell her EVERYTHING tomorrow, before saying bye and getting into my pyjamas.

I was just snuggling into bed when my phone buzzed, falling off my bed side table. I picked it up, reading the ID, it was him. I flipped it open and clicked open message then read it, then I stopped took a breath and read it again and again. Remembering those words, each one, in order the reciting them in my head. Butterfly’s in my tummy, I couldn’t wait till tomorrow.

‘Had a blast today, can’t wait to see you tomorrow <3 Sweet dreams girlfriend xxx’

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i wrote this for a competition.. thought id post it...

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