Stolen Hearts

September 12, 2011
By BiabuTyke PLATINUM, Broomfield, Colorado
BiabuTyke PLATINUM, Broomfield, Colorado
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Once upon a time in a land not so far away lived a delicate fille called Andromeda. Now Andromeda was a picturesque sight to all whom roamed the King of Thorn’s kingdoms; with a lithe body, long blonde hair, deep rich brown eyes, and the most delicate face had the hearts of many broken kept to be healed by seeing her. But as everyone saw her beauty all she saw was a foreboding face. Her heart though she didn't know it, was what made her beautiful. Now the king of Thorn, King Draco was one of the most jealous of sort for he had a heart blacker then the pits of Tratius. Draco was the king under false pretences, for he has stolen pure hearts of the lands and nearly killed off all the kingdoms.

His brother was now dead because he had his heart in raw flesh the true king was dead and no one knew it besides the real heir to the throne Malcolm. Malcolm was another heart of fair, but because of the king’s jealousy was forced to work as a servant nicknamed Mal. Mal was a strapping lad, broad shouldered, well built, had strong hands, hair blacker then the raven’s feathers, bronzed skin like a Greek god, eyes that you could get lost looking in their hazel depths and a face of a hard worn angel.

Andromeda stopped in a wonderful meadow on her way to her Willow mother of the wishing willow tree where the broken hearts and souls come to mend, share wishes and dreams. When wondering along and picking wonderful wild lilies, daisies, and orchids she happened to stumble upon the sleeping Prince Mal recognizing him not she picked the rich red rose from her bodice and laid it across his heart wrapping his calloused palm around it.

For she hadn’t known what compelled her to do such a thing but, thus she knew not of that he was the prince either. Stopping to admire him for a second more she understood that his heart was his beauty and was prepared to see her own. Resisting the temptation to lift his lock of hair that the summer breeze blew in his face she let him retain in his sleep with peace and left like a star in the night seeing dawn arise.

When the wicked wizard witnessed this for he was Draco’s right hand transformed into a wicked malformed bird and flew off to the king.

“Sire! Sire!” He squawked impatiently.

“Ahhh, Tranuis, I assume you found the good for nothing Mal?” Draco commented without so much as surprise or amusement.

“Yes your majesty, but I also saw much more,” Tranuis breathed out reforming into a charming physique of a man, “there was a girl, who as I see it will be at the Willow mother’s tree this afternoon, and she has a heart that should not be trusted like yours sire.”

“Well first bring my useless nephew Mal to me; I have an intriguing matter to interest him with.” Draco replied evilly as he always did because he abhorred Prince Malcolm.

“Yes, your majesty,” the wizard Tranuis was of in a flash to see if Malcolm had moved.

Back in the meadow Mal awoke to find the red rose across his heart and tucked gently beneath his strong calloused palm. Not knowing where it came from he felt the bond between him and the rose and knew that none else shall know for it would be his heart’s clandestine. Looking around his surroundings he decided he’d continue on with his proceedings of working his way to the hearts that were stolen by the wickedest connived scheme possible. Finally at Tratius he knew he was not being deferential to his uncle, but he didn't care, Draco was a dragon and he needed to slay him.

Deriding all the signs that warned him of the danger to the trespassers Mal made his way down past the pits that were so dark you could only fabricate in your mind what lurked in the darkness of them. Mal stumbled upon a gratuitous root that planted him on his shirtfront where he found the glass of broken dreams and knew that he was upon his goal. Keeping the rose closed within his palm in his pocket he saw an incisive glare of the peculiar jar that held his haughty father’s heart along with his delicate mother’s; everyone else’s heart the furtive, gluttonous, feral Draco had seized to have stolen.

“What are you doing boy?” Tranuis barked out as Malcolm hid the jar behind his back.

“Oh it is thou Tranuis, thy King Draco’s well trusted arse-- I mean man, what can thyself do for thee?” Mal asked hoping to look as nonchalant as possible even though he knew he was perspiring.

“Thou king hast a request for thy presence at once. For thy words are guardentoday young Mal? Why do thou speak in old tongue today?” Tranuis interrogated in a lurid way that make a quiver go down Mal’s body.

“I haven’t a clue. Maybe it could be that you frightened me is all? But anyway I shan’t keep Drago- I mean Draco waiting and shall go to him at once.” Malcolm replied thinking he had outwitted the wizard.

“You are nadir of the food chain boy, think twice about taking what you have.” Tranuis morosely commented and with that Malcolm broke off in a split run only to be thrown into the dungeon by Tranuis and Draco for them to discover the hearts and rose.

“Andromeda dear, there you are I was worried.” Willow greeted her soul daughter with and embracing hug that had been custom ever sense Andromeda’s birthing parents died.

“Yes but mother look what I have brought to you.” Andromeda showed her mother the bouquet of myriad wild flowers and was ecstatic to see the pleasure she brought with the simple gift from her heart.

“Oh dearest how thoughtful, you are the absolute wonder to the hearts of all.” Willow crooned over her when suddenly Andromeda felt a tremor of pain in her heart that wretched her whole body to the ground where everyone around was vexed, but she knew her love was in danger. For that is what it was, she had fallen helplessly in love with Malcolm and knew that she had to save him.

“Dearest mother I must go at once something terrible has happened.” Andromeda rushed off with the inveterate rebellious streak of not saying good-bye, kicking off her shoes, to dash off toward the palace.

When she arrived on the spot Tranuis threw her into the dungeon just as the king had told him to proceed to from the vision of past and present the wizard often had.

“What is your name?” Malcolm asked from the corner of the cell.

Unable to find words because she knew she had found him, all she could manage to do was rush into the impeccable safe arms and mutter, “I found you, thank god, I found you.”

“You say you found me? What do---” he broke off realizing that this was his rose and the connection was real because he saw the tremor of pain that the bond had caused when they took away his heart’s clandestine. “Of course, my darling, but, why did you come?”

“If you’re really asking me that you are a complete idiot, but none-” she was broken off by a heat searing kiss that made her head spin, her knees melt.

“Yes you found me I should’ve known it was you from your heart, but I couldn’t see please forgive me by dearest one who gave me her heart when she gave me the rose.” Malcolm pleaded.

“Yes you are forgiven. But we need to get out of here.” Andromeda whispered as only she could and started dilgentley planning their escape.


In the throne the despot sat knowing that he had stolen the hearts and no one could stop him for they didn’t have proof. “Ah! Ahahaha!! They’ll never know!” Draco bellowed as Tranuis appeared out of thin air.

“But sire, Mal and his little miss know.” Tranuis commented without thinking.

“They’re looked away aren’t they?” the false king bellowed out again making the wizard aware that the king was to rip roaring drunk to care.

“Yes your majesty.” As he bowed out he disappeared forever.

“Almost… there, got it.” Andromeda lilted as she slipped her body out of the door tugging on Mal’s hand to have him follow. Pressing to the walls they found the hearts and stole them back. Running never stopping for a breath she and Mal ran to the wishing willow tree to find her Willow mother.

“M-mo-Mother!” Andromeda gasped.

Willow turned to find her daughter hand in hand panting with the long lost prince and nearly swooned. She dropped into a curtsy, “your highness,” she addressed him and made Andromeda all the more confused.

“Mal, what,”

“Proper introductions later sweetheart, less talking more doing.”

“Of course. Mother Willow, please help us end Draco’s rein on the kingdom, end his tyranny and cruel punishment to the broken hearts we heal.” Andromeda pleaded her mother.

“But of course my dearest child; Wishing Willow Tree! Listen here, listen now, listen to me! Hear my crying plea! Let the wind blow, Listen to these children’s hearts pure as the fresh snow! End this rein! Curse the dragon back to his permanent chain! Free these souls and hearts! For we wish an eloquent rest now that we are saved all because my children are the ones who have by your wishing upon them power been braved.” Susuddenly brash wind carried the hearts into the shadows of peace and everyone heard a squeal of that of a dragooned pig demon and saw the false king Draco being carried into the fiery pits of Yeriteds to never be seen again.


Three weeks after the rein of Draco ended all the people of Thorn and it’s lands were restored to proper glory under the Prince who was now King of Thorn. One day he pulled Andromeda aside and flirted a little with gentle kisses and endearments before he cleared his throat, “My love Andromeda, would you do me the pleasure of becoming my bride, queen and lifelong love?”

“Malcolm, how well do you know my heart? Don’t answer that,” she said as she put her finger to his lips, ”for if you know that you have my heart then yes you know I am yours just as you are mine.” The wedding was a wonderful celebration that lasted for a month and the lived happily ever after.

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on Sep. 14 2011 at 7:16 pm
paigeturner9 PLATINUM, Palo Alto, California
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This is really well written! Good job!

on Sep. 14 2011 at 5:07 pm
Rocinante SILVER, Wexford, Pennsylvania
7 articles 1 photo 386 comments
Interesting story. The voice is appropriate for the topic, however words like "idiot" and "don't" do not really belong in this voice that you use. Good just I would say to improve it make sure your voice is consistent. Nice job.

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