The Key

September 3, 2011
By Anonymous

Is it bad to say that your scared to love someone? I fell for a boy that didn't know i existed until he saw how much i cared. His name was Jared and he had the most beautiful eyes. I could just get lost in them. He stole my heart. But then God decided he was going to take him away. Jared was diagnosed with cancer on August tenth, two days after my birthday. Everyone felt sorry for him. And i don't wanna sound heartless, but i didn't. I just wanted to know that he lived his life happily. And only if he lived it with me. That's when i knew i had to go visit him.

On September twentieth, i worked up my courage, I went to his house. I knocked on the door and a woman answered.

"Hello." Her eyes were red and puffy. You could tell that she had been crying.

"Hi, I'm Mollee, is Jared able to have a visitor at this moment?" I said, sounding like a total dork, but i was nervous.

The woman smiled, "Yes, just a moment."

She had me follow her around the house to Jared's room. She knocked softly. "Jared, you have a guest." She turned the door knob and my heart pounded harder and harder. I felt as though i was going to pass out.

Then i saw him. He was shirtless, his body looked as though as though an artist made him. Even laying there, slowly dying, he looked magnificent. His face a little pale, but his dark brown eyes were still heart melting.

I heard a click behind me as Jared's mother closed the door and left us alone. I walked over by him. There was an empty chair by his bed. "Hello Jared, I'm Mollee, I'm not sure if you know me..." But he cut me off.

"Of course i know you. I mean.." He said his cheeks turning bright red. "Hi."

I couldn't help but smiling. But i came here for a reason, so i had to suck it up and spill my guts. "Jared, I've liked you for months, but I've been to shy to say anything. And when my mom told me that you got cancer i couldn't let you die without me knowing the answer to my question." I said it so fast i didn't even realized i got so much out.

Jared looked at me, i fell into his eyes and when i heard him talk my heart jumped. "What's your question?" His voice was no more than a whisper, his voice wispy.

"Are you scared to die being so young?" There i asked it, and i didn't even realize i did.

He looks at me, he was thinking of his answer. "No I'm not scared. But i don't wanna die without kissing the girl I've liked for months now but I've been to shy to say anything."

My heart pounded. "Who?"


My heart stopped. I sat frozen with happiness. He leaned over his bed and kissed me on the lips. It was soft, sweet, and full of love.

There was another soft knock at the door. "Jared, we have to go to therapy, say your goodbyes," his mother said through the crack of the door.

Jared looked at me. Then he took off a necklace. "Hold onto this for me please," he said handing me a necklace, with a small old looking key on the end. I took it and put it around my neck. He grabbed his crutches and threw on a shirt. "I'll walk you out." A huge smile was on his face.

When we reached the front door. He looked at me. "I love you Mollee. I always have since the moment i saw you." He kissed me with so much passion.

And a "I love you too," came out of my mouth in a soft whisper. I hugged him best i could. And with a small kiss i left.

A week later i found out that Jared had passed away in his sleep. His battle with cancer was over, yet his memory lived on. I loved Jared, and he gave me the key to his heart.

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on Sep. 14 2011 at 12:57 am
booklover104 BRONZE, Stockton, California
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Favorite Quote:
I have a couple of quotes i like... \"Success is not a doorway it\'s a staircase\"
2. \"Everything happens for a reason\"
3.\"Your worth consists in what you are and not in what you have\"-Thomas Edison

awww....this was so cute and sad!!! i really liked it short and sweet.

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