Love: With The Twist To The Side!

September 2, 2011
By chelsey23 SILVER, Dutch Harbor, Alaska
chelsey23 SILVER, Dutch Harbor, Alaska
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There once was a princess named Paytin. She lived in a small village with her royal father, Sir John and her annoying royal brother, Sir Gavin. One day she was walking though the village when she tripped on a tree root. As she was falling, Sir Chavez was running to catch her.
A few weeks before, Princess Paytin met Sir Chavez at a royal musical one cool night. Sir Chavez asked Paytin out to brunch. So Princess Paytin stood there and thought.
She turned to Sir Chavez and said “I have to think about it.” As princess Paytin ran to her friend, jumping up and down with excitement. Maiden Chellsea asked her best friend why she was so happy.
Princess Paytin could barely spit it out, “Sir Chavez asked me to brunch.”
“What did you tell him?” asked Maiden Chellsea.
“I told him I would think about it,” the princess replied. While the two best friends were talking, Sir Chavez was walking to his girlfriend’s house. As for Princess Paytin she did not know that Sir Chavez didn’t like her, he was just being nice.
As the princess fell more and more in love with Sir Chavez, Sir Gavin, her brother, was falling more and more, in love with the princess’s friend Maiden Madie. Maiden Madie was the best milk maid in the village. She was known for how much milk she could get in a day (2 gallons). As Maiden Madie walked through town delivering milk, Sir Gavin followed her around town.
“Why do you wish to follow me around town?” asked Maiden Madie.
“Well I just can’t help how beautiful you are, Maiden,” replied Sir Gavin.
“Well, stop following me or I will yell for the guards,” Maiden Madie yelled.
“But Maiden?” Sir Gavin was cut off.
“Sir GGGaaavvvviiinnn come here now,” Sir John said stubbornly. Sir Gavin was in town with his father, Sir John. They were shopping before they left to their summer home.
“What do you want my father?” Sir Gavin asked.
“We are going home now,” Sir John said.
“Ok father,” Sir Gavin said as he walked away from Maiden Madie.
Meanwhile Princess Paytin was wondering around town looking for Sir Chavez. As she stumbled into the bakery there was Sir Chavez with some girl.
“Sir Chavez who is this?” asked the Princess.
“Princess Paytin I would like you to met my girlfriend Maiden Madie,” said Sir Chavez.
“What girlfriend but I thought you liked me?” the Princess cried.
“What gave you that idea?” Sir Chavez laughed.
“Well you asked me to brunch,” Princess Paytin said.
“I was being nice,” Sir Chavez said.
“Wait, you asked her to Brunch?” Maiden Madie asked.
“Well yes I was being nice so calm down,” Sir Chavez cried out.
“We are over Sir Chavez,” yelled Maiden Madie. As Maiden Madie walked away Sir Chavez was staring at Princess Paytin as if she just ate the last cookie.
“Stop staring at me! I didn’t do anything wrong,” Princess Paytin whispered.
“You, you, you, grrrrrrrrrr,” Sir Chavez couldn’t even speak because he was so angry. Sir Chavez stomped away growling and grumbling. “How could she, why would she, who does she think she is breaking up such a good couple.” As Sir Chavez waked home the royal family was packing to go to their summer home. As they packed, the town buzzed about the news of the royal family.
“That family in the old Rider place is the royal family,” told the baker.
“Really we thought it was just an ordinary family,” the town’s people replied.
“Yah and they are leaving today,” said the baker. As they talked the royal family was leaving the village to their summer home. As for the towns people they ran for miles trying to catch the royal carriage, yelling
“Wait, we want to talk to you.” Meanwhile Sir Chavez was talking to his sister Maiden Chellsea.
“Sister, I can’t believe that girl, broke me and Maiden Madie up,” cried Sir Chavez.
“You do know that Paytin was a princess, right,” Maiden Chellsea said.
“A p-p-p-p-r-r-r-i-i-i-n-n-n-c-c-c-e-e-e-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s,” shuddered Sir Chavez, and Maiden Chellsea nodded. Sir Chavez took off like a horse at a horse track. Running as fast as he could trying to find her, as he ran he grew older. After 70 years of searching he never found his princess. As for Princess Paytin she was no longer a princess but a queen. The Queen found a prince charming, got married and had her royal children.


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its about my Friend Paytin And how she met her boyfriend

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