"Hi. It's me again."

September 1, 2011
By Anonymous

Hi, it’s me. How are you doing tonight? Good. I’m fine. I just wish I could gather enough courage to talk to you face to face instead of silently conversing with the darkened windows of your house at night, pretending it’s you balancing beside me on the front porch railing of my house.
Of course, it’s just the cat.
So how has your family been doing? Good? Yeah, so is mine. It’s a nice night out, isn’t it? Yeah, I thought you might say so.
You know, sometimes I wonder if you remember me. I was at the neighborhood Easter party your mom hosted. I’ve cut my hair and started wearing glasses since then, but did you even see me in the first place? It didn’t seem like you did. But I couldn’t stop looking at you.
That was when I first moved in. Did you see me?
Well, it doesn't matter anymore. April's behind us now. It's summer, and it's warm enough for me to sit precariously balanced on the front porch railing at night with my yellow notebook writing stupid sappy things like this.
And every time I see a light go on I always wave. Do you notice me when I do that?
You know, sometimes I imagine you looking out your window at night and wanting to meet the lonely stranger sitting on her front porch railing because you've fallen in love with the way she writes in the yellow glow of her porch light, all by herself.
In my imagination, you always come out onto your porch to watch me. I always give you a quietly mysterious smile. Sometimes we talk, other times, we're both silent.
But I don't know if you would ever love me. I'm just the sappy nerd that lives next door.
So how has school been going for you? That’s good. School’s okay for me too. Do you go to my school? I guess not, I never see you there. But I shouldn’t be too surprised. There are four high-schools here. Which one do you go to? Yeah, I thought so. It’s a good school, I hear. Too bad I go to the one across town. So do you like your school’s colors? Yeah? I think my school colors are the ugliest ones ever thought up.
I hope you don’t mind me asking what color your eyes are. I’ve never gotten close enough to examine them as much as I would like to. I think they’re brown, but I don’t know. I’m always too scared to find out for myself, so I’ll just let your house answer. Yeah? I thought so. Well, whatever color they are, they will always melt me. Like a chocolate bar.
Oh, what am I saying! Forget I said that, will you? Good, thanks. I can be so stupid sometimes.
Do you ever think that about me? That I’m stupid? Never mind, don’t answer that. You probably don’t even know my name. It’s silly of me to be out here, maybe I should just go to bed and forget about these hopeless conversations with your house. I should just quit this stupid obsession. Brr. The winds started to pick up a little. Maybe I should’ve worn my long pajama pants....
Oh look! A shooting star! Quick, make a wish!
Do you think wishing on stars is silly? For babies? Yeah, me too. But for some reason, I can’t help wishing. I’m just hopeless that way. I wish on everything. Not that it’s going to do me any good.
Well, good-bye. I hope you sleep well. I’m going to go inside now. Same time tomorrow night? Okay. I’ll be here.
Oh, you want to know what I wished for? Well, it’s a secret. But I think you can guess. I’m predictably sappy.

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