One Year Anniversary

August 11, 2011

You mean more to me than I know how to say. Through everything, you have always been there. You give me a thousand reasons to smile just by existing. You make me want to be a better person. I’m truly blessed to have you, and call you mine.

There are about a million things I could say. But it really all comes down to this:
You are my best friend. I love you.

I’m not sure where to begin, but here you go.
You’re one of my best friends. I’ve been friends with you for eleven years. For those eleven years, I saw you grow as a beautiful woman. You’re beautiful, funny, and smart, passionate, loving; you have a big heart to serve others. We both have a scar that makes us who we are today. You were my first crush in middle school. I wanted to ask you out, but I didn’t want our friendship to be ruined. You still remembered the day I told you. You really had no clue. Your face expression was so cute. You came and called me “oppa”. We both know that freshman year was hard, because of our anxiety. You were always there for me when I needed someone to talk to. I remember when I told you I was bisexual; you gave a sign of acceptance. You didn’t care if I was bisexual; to you I was just like everybody else. You didn’t treat me any different. That’s what I love most about this thing between us; we accept who we are without judging. Through this journey we have learned, things about ourselves and things for each other. I remember when I was in rehab for substance abuse. You prayed for me every single day to help me overcome this obstacle. Now I’m six months sober, I’ve graduated from High Focus.
On January 15, 2011 you gave the most amazing graduation present. It was a sliver ring that said “One Day At A Time”. You made that ring very special to me because it was engraved saying stay strong. I’m trying my best to turn my life around, and to become a better person. Thank you so much for this ring. I will wear this ring as a reminder of how far I came.
Today marks a beautiful day. Today is our one year anniversary. This very day, it began with, “I think I love you.” We both confessed. One year is not the end, it’s not even close. This year has been truly amazing. Truly filled with memories, joy, and laughter. I wouldn’t dare change anything. We’ve counted down the months, and look where we are now. A year, happier and stronger than ever. It honestly doesn’t feel like a year. It feels like I’ve been with you for five years, then it feels like we just got together.
I love you Hailey. <3 06/18/2010

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