Love Me, Hate You

August 29, 2011
By Lazara SILVER, Sagamore, Massachusetts
Lazara SILVER, Sagamore, Massachusetts
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What is a butterfly, but caterpillar at rest

I feel myself rip apart,
Smiles are fading,
My time is wasting,
Can I just leave you,
But keep you,
Breaking my heart,
But its time to let go,
What I feel and what you see,
Are two completely different things,
When my smile fades,
You look and say,

Baby, your so unforgettable,
I could never let you go,
Your smile brought me up,
But your frown brings me down,
Your so underestimated,
Could never be hated,
I am so glad that we dated,
Cause baby, you’re my whole wide world,

Nothing left but us,
I step away,
Fading to the dawn of the day,
No one ever says,
What you feel for me,
Could this be true,
Or am I imagining,
But now its time to go,
Because nothings left but cold,
There you are saying,

Baby, your so unbreakable,
I cant see myself without you,
Your tears push you through,
But I only smile when I’m with you,
You’re the only one for me,
Do I need to be more clear,
That you’re my whole world my whole wide world,

Nothing left but you and me,
Can you see me now,
I’m leaving you be,
So you can see,
Our world consists of only me.

The author's comments:
this was originally a song, meant to be a break up song. but it sounds better like this.

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