When the Day Met the Night

August 29, 2011
By SwimmerChickHP GOLD, Burlington, Massachusetts
SwimmerChickHP GOLD, Burlington, Massachusetts
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The Moon was sitting there in her garden, the sky turning a lovely golden color. Her dainty fingers occasionally lifted the porcelain cup to her bright red lips, her white blond hair blowing in the wind. Her dress was an elegant blue, covering her thin frame like a blanket of water. On her feet she wore sandals the same color as her dress; they wrapped around her feet like waves retrieving sand from the shore. The green palm trees shaded her from the summer’s heat. After all, her time was at night, and during the day she kept herself hidden.

Closing her eyes, the Moon could see the tide leaving the eastern shore in its own, peaceful way. Nothing rash, very slow; that was her own way to live.

The snap of a twig shocked her out of her reverie. No one knew she lived here. In fact, all the creatures on this planet thought she lived up in the sky all the time. No one knew of her little corner. But stumbling into her garden was no animal or creature of the Earth. His blond hair, his tanned, muscled features, his orange eyes that constantly sparkled and shimmered. But of course, that was the description she had heard from the Western Wind.

The Sun had stumbled into her garden. But today, something was not right. His hair hung limply over his forehead, instead of standing straight up in random spikes as she had heard of. His eyes were downcast and his shoulders slumped. As he walked, she saw that he was limping. She began to walk over towards him, but before she could reach him his leg caught on a tree root and he fell. The Sun wasn’t moving after the hit the ground.

Disregarding her love of patience, the Moon ran over to him, ripping a part of her dress in the process. She kneeled down beside him, and turned him over. His eyes, she had heard, could make any woman melt when filled with their usual ardor and mystery. But today, the fire seemed to have gone out; the Sun’s eyes were a dull yellow, much like the color of dead leaves in the fall.

The Moon couldn’t help herself; she had to see those eyes lit up once again. She cradled his head in her hands and willed for those eyes to ignite, to light up the embers that she knew were just waiting to be lit inside of him. Finally, his mouth began to move, and he uttered a short sentence.

“Would it be alright if we just sat and talked for a little while?” He coughed once, and then continued. “If in exchange for your time, I give you this smile.” And smile he did. Pearly white teeth in perfect alignment, not to mention the fact that the smile brightened up his face considerably, making him look even handsomer than the Moon had expected.

So she said, “That’s okay. As long as you can make a promise not to break my little heart, or leave me alone in the summer.” He agreed. The whole time, the Moon was looking into his eyes, and as he had spoken, they had changed from that dull yellow, to a much brighter shade, to the fiery orange she had longed to see.

Well, he was just hanging around
Then he fell in love, and he didn’t know how
But he couldn’t get out
Just hanging around then he fell in love.

The author's comments:
The two sentences that are spoken, along with the "so she said," are part of the song, "When the Day Met the Night," by Panic! At the Disco, along with the italicized part at the end. This story was inspired by that song.

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