Piecing Life Together

August 31, 2011
By Lollipop GOLD, Warrenton, Missouri
Lollipop GOLD, Warrenton, Missouri
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On regular bases, I would sit at my window gazing out into the pouring rain. How much I love the rain. But I’m not allowed outside. The doctors are afraid I will get sick. So here I am in a hospital, wishing to go outside to feel the rain touch my skin.
My name is Susan Caring. Since I was born I had a weak body. I was always going to the hospital. Finally they said I couldn’t go to school when I was seven. Ever since then I never had one friend. When I was 15 I had collapsed, making me go to the hospital. Now 18 and never sat foot of this building since that day. More like out of this room.
It was on that rainy day that I saw him. A guy that was tall and slim from his outline. I couldn’t make him out completely with him being so far away and in the rain. All I could tell was that he was just sitting there with no umbrella. I wonder why he was sitting there doing nothing. Picking up my sketch pad and pencil I drew the guy that was sitting there.
Days had passed by and each day I saw him there still. Then weeks flew by. Before I knew it, it had been a mouth now since I saw him sitting there. Everyday I wanted to go out there and ask why he sits there and waits so long in the harsh cold weather. But they are always watching me.
It was pouring outside again and there he was. Even though I couldn’t see his face I knew he was frowning. Maybe even crying for all I know. Grabbing a pair of shoes they let me have so I can walk around in, I snuck out. Slipping past all the nurse and doctors were easy when they were very busy like today. As soon as I got to the doors and was outside I dashed for the guy.
The rain hitting my skin, soaking my cloths felt nice for a change. Dashing around the corner I stop to a halt where he sat. I was right about him being tall and slim. He had a tan with his bed mess black hair and water green eyes. He was crying.
“Why are you crying in a place like this?” I asked. His head shot up and his eyes looked straight into my violet eyes.
“I’m not crying.” He said. I could hear his voice creaking.
“Really.” I sat down by him and he just looked at me. He didn’t brother to move since I leaned against his shoulder. My chest was hurting from running. I guess I shouldn’t do that anytime soon. “Well you don’t have to tell me. Let’s just talk about something else.”
He had just looked at me for awhile and there was that awkward silence. “Ok. I guess we should introduce ourselves. I’m Kevin Night.” Kevin finally said. With a smile plastered onto my face I had told him my name. We stayed out in the rain talking for awhile. We had some laughs and that till my stupid doctor ran outside because he saw me through my window.
“Miss Caring, you most stay in bed. You’ll collapse again.” My doctor said. He grabbed my arm and stared to drag me back inside the building. Kevin just looked at me, like he was longing to still talk to me.
Shouting at him “My room number is 309. Come visit me please.” I could make out his smile as I got further away.

A week passed after that day. Still he did not show up. I wish he would come. The doctor kept yelling at me for running outside in the rain. Saying I could get sick again. The only stupid reason I’m in here is because my parents didn’t want to take care of me. I haven’t been sick since that time.
Anger with everything happing around, I grabbed my sketch book and a blanket and sat by the window. Hoping I would see Kevin. He wasn’t there. Why. I just wanted, to see at least him a little bit. Just then the door opened to revel Kevin and a little blond girl holding his hand.
Not even thinking I jumped up and yelled his named. I ran over and gave him a big huge with him returning it kindly. “I missed you Kevin.” I said happily.
“I missed you too. I had my reason not to visit sooner. Susan this is my nine year old sister, Jessica. She just woke up from a coma the day after we met.” Kevin said. I leaned over and looked at Jessica. She had the same eyes as him, green and sharp with the hint of tears on the verge. Her hair was a mess too. Jessica reached forward and put her hand on my cheek. She looked at me but said nothing. She just looked so fragile that you didn’t want her to leave your sight and to hold her tight.
Putting my hand over hers I said, “It’s alright. I’m here if you need me.” She had a huge smile grew on her face that I couldn’t help but smile too. Standing back up with her hand in mine I looked straight at Kevin. “Can we talk now about what I asked last time?” Kevin dropped his head but still nodded.

Jessica was sitting over on the couch that was in the room playing a video game and listening to my iPod. Kevin and I were on my bed. We were both silent. His family, Jessica, Kevin, and his parents, all were coming back from vacation. A car hit them making the car flip a couple times. The other car was going very fast he said. Kevin said it the passenger side, killing his mom on intact. He said he tried to protect Jessica. His dad died somewhere when the car was flipping. Kevin said when he woke up at least three weeks passed since then and then his sister hasn’t woken up tell now. That’s why he was crying everyday for a month while Jessica led their in a coma, not being able to do a thing.
“Whoa. I’m so sorry. You have no idea how much I am.” I whispered. I had a hard time just trying to it. Tears were rolling down my cheeks. I felt Kevin’s hand slip on top of my hand. Looking up at him I realized he also was crying. We curled our fingers together while I had my head on his shoulder with his on top of mine.
“Susan, I should tell you this now. Jessica lost her memories. She doesn’t understand when I told her about mom and dad being dead. To make things worse, some relatives want to take her away from me. And I won’t allow it. I well raise her myself from now on.” His voice was deep and cold that it scared me. His hand tightened for a second, but it had loosened right away.
“Tell me why they want to take her away.” I said coolly.
“They want the money and riches my parents left to us.”I could tell he wanted to kill someone and it looked like he could. Turning around were our faces were barley in inch apart. I said it flat out and straight.
“I won’t let them. I well help you raise her. I’ll fight by your side till the end.” I said. It just slipped my mouth. I couldn’t help it.
“If your going to fight for me, I’ll fight for you.” He replayed sweetly. He leaned in, his lips touching mine. Staying there like that for a minute or two before he kissed both my eyes, whipping away my tears. I decided to return the favor by kissing his tears away. A small smile formed onto his lips. “Then let’s get rid of our tears and get moving.” He whispered in to my ear.

We had called my dad and asked for him to come up here so I could talk about leaving this place. I had asked him not to tell mom. If she found out she would make sure I never stepped outside again. Always a dramatic actress, that mother of mine. After words we took Jessica to get something to eat.
It felt like hours before my father showed up in the cafeteria. He was a tall man that towered over everything. He even had to duck to get through doorways. My father and I had the same dark brown hair and the same perfect set of violet eyes. He scanned the room till he finally spotted me. Wouldn’t be hard to find me since I was standing on top of a chair and waving my arms like crazy.
“Sweet heart you shouldn’t do something unlade like by standing on a chair,” Father spoke softly to me as he helped me down from the chair.
“I shouldn’t, but if I’m correct you are my father and I am your daughter,” I replayed back with a smirk on my face. It might be true that my parents left me here in this hospital, but it was this great man who visited me when he got the chances in between business traps and brought presents unlike mother.
“Very true,” he gave me a hug and looked over at Kevin and Jessica. “ Are you going to introduce me to your friends.”
“Oh yes this is Kevin and his little sister Jessica,” I pointed to each of them.
“Sir,” Kevin stood up and stretched out his hand for my father’s. At first he just stared at Kevin’s hand before shaking it. “I would like to ask you a question.”
“Is it about my daughter?”
“Yes sir.”
“All right, what is it.”
“I would like to ask for Susan’s hand in marriage.” Both Father and I stared at Kevin in amazement. At first neither of us did nothing, then with out thinking I jumped up and raced around the table and threw my arms around Kevin’s neck and sat in his lap. I ended up giving a huge kiss on his lips.
Father took all this in and laughed. “How long have you two known each other?”
“A week.”
“Well, for me, more like a month or so.” They both looked at me with a confused expression. “I watched you sitting outside for almost a month before I actually got the nerve to talk to you.”
“So, you two want to marry each other without getting to know each other first?”
“Yup.” We chirped at the same time.
Father inhaled and held his breath for a second before exhaling. “Alright, you really are just like me marrying someone after only knowing them for a week.”
“At least I found the guy the first round.”
Two months later we married and signed papers and adopted Jessica as our daughter. It almost took a whole year for to say anything to us. When she was ten she started to call me mom, but still called Kevin by his name.
Seven years later………………………….
“MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your husband is being a jerk again.” Jessica shouted through the house. I walked in holding my other daughter, Alice, on my hip into the living room. Jessica and Kevin were wrestling on the floor because Kevin had once again cheated at the video game that they had been playing.
“Will you two ever grow up,” I questioned them.
“Sorry honey, just playing around,” Kevin smirked.
“You piece of sh—“
“Alright, knock it off. Kevin, take Jessica to school and go to work.” They both groaned at me before gathering up their stuff and leaving. I signed at the door and looked at the photo of the four of us all squeezed together in photo. Our laughing faces shined to every moment of the day. I had found peace in this family. Who would think that one rainy day could bring this to us.

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YouGotMe78 said...
on Sep. 7 2011 at 7:57 pm
I just read your story. I don't want to seem rude or anything, I'm just posting my opinion. I get that it is fiction, but it's not believeable. The writing was hard to follow and word choice could've been better. I believe it could've been a great plot for a short story or a novel, but it just needs way more work. It seemed to go too fast. It just left me confused and lost. Your characters need more human traits to add to personality so, to the reader, they seem more real. This piece needs work, the plot a little fix, but it, as all writing, has potential. Just work on those things.

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