Our Dance

August 26, 2011
By Anonymous

The stars sparkled in the nighttime sky as the moon raised up to light our path in the shadows. Holding hands tightly, we walked over the tall, tickling fields of grass. Our laughter and soft whispers lifted up to the sky, getting carried away by the late summer breeze. A nearby stream sloshed and splashed, flowing to the small pond to the left of us. The vibrant leaves of the old trees rustled and pulled free, floating gently to the ground. With the moon becoming our spotlight, we stopped in the middle of the cherry blossom trees. The flowers swirled around us as the breeze joined us again. Guiding me slowly, you spun me around and a giggle escaped my lips. The trees swayed slowly, catching onto the rhythm. Suddenly, you pulled me into your chest and I could easily feel your heartbeat beneath my cheek. Our dance seemed to pause just long enough for me to inhale your unforgettable scent before you released me. A rush of adrenaline settled in as you spun me out once more, making the moment spark with a secret desire. The dance had become more than just a movement of our bodies, but the lifeline of our love. Our surroundings became more of a blur; the only thing visible was you. Letting my eyes linger over you as we stood arm’s length apart, our hands barely touching. Your eyes flashed over me slowly before resting on my lips. Time stood still for the longest moment and I became intensely aware of your gaze, the brush of your hand against mine, and the way your lips parted as you took a breath. In the blink of an eye, your fingers intertwined mine and you pulled me close. Using your other hand to tip my chin up ever so slightly, I slowly lifted up on my tiptoes and closed my eyes. Your lips grazed mine, so lightly it could have been mistaken for butterfly wings. Suddenly, you pulled away and the moment vanished. My eyes flashed open and you simply stared at me, emotions flickering in your eyes so quickly that I couldn’t keep up with them all. I slowly reached my hand out toward you, a sense of fear and confusion settling over me. My heart dropped as you took the tiniest step away, staring hard at my hand. Feeling myself falter slightly, I began to drop my hand. A cloud covered over the moon, blocking out the spotlight that once revealed a happy moment, yet now hid the sad scene. My hand fell to my side and I turned away, feeling the grass brush over my knees. I did not expect you to try and claim me once again as you once did. Yet, when your arms hesitantly wrapped around me, I could not help myself to lean into you and listen to your soft breathing. Turning towards you, I wrapped my arms around your chest tightly until I heard you chuckle. Looking up at you hesitantly, I spotted joy in your green and blue eyes. The hands of time stopped once more as I was captivated by your eyes. The trees rustled and swayed, sending leaves to the ground. The grass brushed over our feet and legs, letting the flowers dance around us with perfect rhythm. The breeze ruffled our hair and made you smile wider than usual. My lips parted gently to let out a soft, content sigh as I leaned into you lightly. A single, red flower petal floated in the breeze to rest on your shirt, making you pull away to brush it off. As soon as you did, I dropped my arms and frowned, watching it flutter to the ground. I bent down to pick it up and it pierced the tip of my finger, allowing one drop of blood to form. Dropping the petal, I stared at my finger before looking up at you. Your eyes searched mine before tearing a little piece of cloth off your shirt and wrapping my finger gently with it. I watched silently and smiled as you continued to nurse the wound. After you finished, I threw my arms around your neck and pressed our lips together before pulling back, grabbing your hands. The cloud moved on, allowing the moon to shine upon us as we began walking back through the fields of tall grass. We giggled and talked softly as the trees swayed around us, beckoning us to return. Yet, we cannot turn back any longer because we had already walked forward along a new trail, wondering where it will lead us.

The author's comments:
My amazing boyfriend inspired this story. Every little part of this represents the struggles and joys we've gone through.

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