After the sun sets

August 25, 2011

You pull the curtain only an inch. Just enough to peek out with one eye. You watched as the city stirred. The number of cars on the road increased by the minute , and so did your heartbeat. You watched as cars started pulling out of their drive-ways. As parents woke- up and went to wake up their children for school. You looked towards the east and the thick orange streak hanging above the city worried you. Soon the sun would be up and you'd have to pull back and let the curtain fall back in place. The sought saddened you. You liked to watch the sun rise and set, but unfortunately you can't do that anymore. You see the tip of the sun peaking and you turn away, making your way to your resting place, to sleep next to your soul-mate. You just stand and look down on him and remember how good it felt to be in love and how shocking it was to find out you two couldn't be together, not while YOU were still alive. You wanted to be with him anyways, no matter what. When you made the life and death decision, you didn't think of all the things you were sacrificing. The desires you were killing and the dreams you were betraying. You only cared about one thing, and that was him. The beautiful person that lay beside you every morning, With his handsome features and his tall, muscular frame. You sigh and lower yourself into your resting place, cross your arms over your chest and sleep to be awakened to another dark morning. After the sun sets.

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