I can do Bad All By Myself

August 22, 2011
By NaNaLovesYou BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
NaNaLovesYou BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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''If you be yourself, you get the most respect''

''I love you I love you I love you I hate you I hate you I don't know you anymore Why don't you love me no motr I'll do anything to make it better'' These are all things that I'm feeling right now. No one can tell me otherwise, I feel your pain, but can you feel mine? We did everything together day and night, you gave me what i wanted, I returned the favor. This stupid promise ring, don't mean nothing no more. Don't get me wrong, it meant alot of things, at a point of time. But most all, I cherished it. You told me you never gonna leave me , but you end up in the sky, on a plane, visiting another woman. Did you give her a promise ring ? I bet you did, with ya lying, cheating, manulipating self. I was lied to, I was betrayed, I went crazy, thinking I was a fool to let you go. Oh no honey, that was a stupid thought to even think about. I knew you wasn't coming back, it was alright. You can take this promise ring, the clothes, the jewerly, the shoes, sheesh you can take my freaking tears with you because i still have one thing. That''ll little thing is my pride. I'm a strong woman. I use to miss you, but I treat you like a memory because your in the past. Member those cold nights,and you were nowhere to be found? You was with the other woman, who is probably feeling the same way I'm feeling.SO baby, do you, you'll get yours, best believe that. but just to let you know babyboy, I CAN DO BAD ALL BY MYSELF

The author's comments:
This is about a story I heard about a man taking advantage of a woman, so she got so tire of his ways, she put his foot down

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