The Oakwood Life Part 1

August 17, 2011
RINGGGG! The little red hallway bell vibrates on the wall, penetrating through everyone’s sleepy brains. I yawn silently as I grab my books. Here goes, first period. Monday morning. I push up off my brown leather stacked heel boots and slam my locker. English. I strut down the hall like I do everyday; treating every hallway like a catwalk. Then I stop suddenly. Who am I kidding? Like I have the guts..not even the RIGHTS to prance about. I am not one of them. I’m just me. I pass by the group. Them. The whispering ones huddled all around each other like it’s a cold day and they are bratty little Eskimos. I see Avalon glance up at me. Her expression looks like she just smelled some cheap, faux-fragrance. Tip: Never, EVER wear fake perfume around Avalon. She’ll smell it from a mile away and totally humiliate you. Because, as you know, she’s the queen of Chanel No. 5. And no one messes with that.
I roll my eyes and keep walking. For her information, I am wearing Jean Patou Joy for Pete’s sake. Otherwise known as NOT THE FAKE STUFF. I slip into class close up front. Call me nerd. So be it.
“Okay, class! I will be passing out The Scarlet Letter. I want you to read the first 10 chapters and write a 3 page essay on its message and characters. Due Friday!”
The class groans as my heart leaps. I am totally obsessed with this sort of stuff. Reading and writing. I find it good practice for the soul to let out deep thoughts. Once again, call me brainy. I dare you. Mr. Daniels hands out the beat-up copies and tells us that we can start reading. I leaf through the pages and inhale. Gotta love that old book smell. Suddenly my tweed Kate Spade bag lights up. My phone. I slip my hand into my purse and grasp for my iPhone. Ah! I stealthily scoop it up and scan the screen.
Shay, meet me outside during free period. Big news…
<3 Ash
Hmm… what could she mean? I drop my phone back into my bag and glance around the room. Chloe Myers is filing her nails and chewing gum, Mike Till is reading away, and James Reid..woah. His huge, green-blue eyes are staring right at me. I blush and smile slightly then quickly look down at my skinny Seven jeans. Was he looking at me? No, couldn’t be. Most likely, he was dazing out the window right next to me. Right? I slowly raise my eyes and peek at him. His gaze lands right on me but then he blinks and opens his mouth as if to say something like, "Oh, Shay, I know you like me but I wasn’t looking at you. Your head is so big I couldn’t gaze out the window. Anyway, you have no chance against my girlfriend" but then he just looks away. I sigh and notice the book lying sullenly on my desk. I pick it up and start to divulge it, completely forgetting what just happened…

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owl-girl said...
Dec. 2, 2011 at 8:42 pm
I like that "Oh, Shay,..." bit. Funny! <3!
HollerGirl26 replied...
Dec. 18, 2011 at 11:28 am
Thanks so much!! Be sure to read the other parts as well!! Xoxo..
marylandwrite said...
Aug. 23, 2011 at 10:45 am
its a little weak... its not really a romance article... add on to the end to make it that way
HollerGirl26 replied...
Aug. 23, 2011 at 4:29 pm
It's Part 1..I have more to come!
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