She's So High-A Damon Albarn Story

August 7, 2011
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"And now, the band you've all been talking about since their newest album, self-titled.....Blur!"

Sara sat in her living room, as anxious as a dog wanting a bowl of food, watching the television set. On the screen, they showed a crowd below a stage cheering wildly and clapping their hands together. Suddenly, they showed a man wearing a colorful outfit and a brown cap walk on the stage, as well as a band behind him. The guitar player kicked in, and Sara instantly stood up from her couch and cheered. The man in the flamboyant clothes began jumping around the stage, belting out the lyrics, although there were barely any. Sara put her hands together, listening to the music and dancing and singing her heart out. She lost her self in the rhythm of the song. Sara sang so loudly as if no one else was in the house. Suddenly, her sister, Lilla, walked in on her.
"Hey, Sara," she spoke. "What are you doing?"
Sara froze, embarressed. "Oh...Just watching TV." Sara said as she sat down on the couch, turning the volume on the TV down.
"Well, turn it off, mom wants us to go get her medication for her. Then, she told me she had some news for you and me. So get dressed already!" Lilla anounced.
Sara got up and left to her room. Her room was the only private place in the house. It was her sanctuary. On the walls were posters of the man in the colorful and flamboyant clothing. His name? Damon Albarn.
Sara rummaged through her closet and found some jeans and a nice, newer, Blur T-shirt. She put it on, and headed out of the room.
Sara and Lilla Burnes' house was quiet for the most part, and very neat. Sara hated it. Lilla, being the older one, was into it more, since she did most of the decorating since their mom was crippled and all. Not that she couldn't do anything, she used money to get around in the world.
"Come on, get in the car." Lilla commanded her younger sister. Sara opened up the door and slumped down in the seat, lazily putting on the seatbelt.
"Any idea what mom's gonna tell us about when we get back?" Sara asked.
"No idea. All I know is that its major." Lilla started the car and slowly pulled out of the driveway.
"Anyways, what was that crap that was going on with you in the living room today? You were acting like a maniac!" Lilla smirked.
"Shut up! It's Blur!" Sara replied.
"What's Blur? It sounds like a noise you make when you throw up...Blur! Blur!" Lilla laughed.
"It's a band, not throw up noises. And anyways, they make cool noises. Have you listened to one of their songs before? Their amazing!" Sara sat up and turned on the radio."They might be on right now, so let me see..." Sara turned the radio dial quickly. Then, you could hear the song "Country House" playing. "Here!" she cheered.
Lilla listened for a moment. "What is this crap? Turn it off, please!"
Sara frowned. "You don't like it? You suck, Lilla! This is the best music EVER. Just listen some more! Its fantastic!" Sara yelled.
"It's my car, so whatever I say, goes. Turn this crap off." Lilla commanded.
"Fine. Whatever, Lilla, you're full of crap anyway." Sara mummbled. "How come you hate everything I like?"
'Well," Lilla began. "You're taste just suck. Thats the way its always been. Sorry to break it to you, but that Oasis band you were obssesed with months ago? Rock 'n' Roll Star? Really? What kind of music is that? Idiot music. Like common people can just become these major demi-Gods."
"Oasis rocks! They have great lyrics! You just don't understand them. You're not smart enough." Sara implied.
"They're sooooooo childish. Thats what I'm understanding from them." Lilla argued.
"What is that rap crap you listen too? Emienem? Why is he named after candy?" Sara giggled.
"He's not named after candy, those are his initials, dummy." Lilla replied.
"He's still stupid, and so are allhis songs." Sara teased.
After a long argument about which music is better, the girls finally arrived at the drug store to get their mom's pills for her back pain that she has been having lately. The two girls waited in line with the pills, both furious with eachother.
"You suck, sis." Sara told Lilla.
Lilla didn't turn her head an inch.
Finally, they arrived home. They opened the front door to see their mother sitting in the living room, with a piece of paper in her hand. Sara thought something was wrong, because the paper looked very official, as she would call it.
"Hey, mom, we got your pills." Lilla stated.
"Thanks, girls. Now, come and sit down, I have very big news." Mom said.
The two girls sat down, anxious to hear the news their mother awaited to tell them.
"Girls, now I think you all will like this change, and maybe not. Anyways, I think Sara might, after all." Their mother giggled. Sara sat up.
"What is it?" she exclaimed.
"Well..." their mother began.
"We're moving to London!"

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