Someone Like You

August 15, 2011
By Anonymous

Someone like you. That’s what I want. What I NEED. Every time I see you the need gets stronger. It is like there is this strong gravitational pull dragging me to you. You’re the only one who has ever understood me enough to care. All the others walk in and out as if all that matters is what is on the outside. They don’t see, or even care to see what’s on the inside of me or anyone else. None of them care enough to hear the back story or the pain I’ve been through. I know what I see when I look in the mirror, but I can’t even bear the thought of what they see when they look at me. I see a fat, ugly girl with no life; with no happiness; mountains of pain, and nothing to keep her holding on to the life she has. And if all of these people judge everyone else based on what’s on the outside, then what they see must be a whole lot worse than what I see. Going to sleep every night, I bawl my eyes out. The tears overflow and spill onto my cheeks until I drift off into a hopeless sleep.

But with him, I can never hold back a grin. Looking into his deep, green, beautiful eyes gives me hope. It gives me a hope that I’ve never even seen a glimpse of before. He pelts me with questions, making me crack a smile and laugh along with him. He makes me laugh. He makes me smile. I want to be with him forever, but I don’t think he knows. I don’t think he even realizes how he makes me feel inside. Whenever I’m with him my stomach does flips and my nerves go crazy. Just being with him is enough to cure me. Spending time with me is the greatest thing he could ever do for me. I know he knows I’m in pain and need help, but he has no idea that just being with me can do enough to put the pieces back together again. He is the greatest person I have ever known; the only person who truly KNOWS me. You’d think from the way his past is he’d be just like me. But somehow he overcame that. He became the person I want to be. And the person I wish I was.

Someone like you is what I need forever and always. To help me to be me and not the person that everyone wants me to be. Everything passes and changes, but one thing doesn’t: the way I feel when I’m with you. It’s then that I realize that I don’t need someone LIKE you. I need YOU.

The author's comments:
Based off of a true story.

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