A Day Again

August 15, 2011
I have wandered long and hard. Always wandering. Searching, but wandering. Endless... endless.

I have searched far and wide for the key to saving this man. I have asked for wisdom; I have pleaded and bargained for assistance. None could tell me. Their lips were sealed by the same creature that set me to this fate. That jealous creature who bound me to this single day. The day that I found, loved, and lost. This one day contains my entire lifetime, and no one knows it but me. Me and my enemy.

The first time I lived this day, I woke to the sound of crackling flames. Not where they were meant to be, not in the hearth, but in my blankets. Licking the walls. Consuming my home. I threw aside the quilts and smashed through the window, glass ripping at my skin. A man was there. He grabbed my hand and dragged me away from the house, never stopping until we were safely away.

Safe... We were never safely away.

We found our way to a small forest and there my legs gave way. My strength didn't return for some hours, so we sat. We sat late into the afternoon. He never said anything, just... held my hand my hand as I cried. That's when I felt something slipping. Slipping away from me, from both of us.

I have seen that man die one hundred times, but I have had that many days to love him. Each day, as I became more aware of what was happening, I tried to save him. I would spend the day talking with him, learning of his life, loving him... and then I would try to stop his death. Until this morning, I had found nothing that would succeed. This evening, before he died, I kissed him goodbye.

But he will live tomorrow. I will not get out of bed.

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