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July 24, 2011
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The sharp tone of the school bell cut through the silence of halls, just as kids started pouring out of their classes and heading towards the cafeteria. Sarah Wells walked with her clique through the crowded halls as they struggled to reach their lockers to put away their books. Sarah and her friends were already known as “The Smart Ones”, but they were by no means going to be seen walking around the cafeteria with their school work clutched in their hands.

“God,” remarked Sarah’s best friend Lori, when they had finally reached their lockers. “When is this freaking school system going to stop shoving all the money they get, right to the athletics department, and actually do something with it that will benefit the whole school, like expanding this place, so there’s more room?”

“Oh stop complaining Lori, at least we have a school to go too. Those poor kids in Africa don’t have anything!” Responded Kay, another of Sarah’s friends.

“My god Kay, you don’t have to compare every situation we are in, to the kids in Africa!” Stated Ash, with a shake of her head.

“Guys, I swear, when the girls on “The View” die, you all will be great replacements!” Commented Sarah as she opened her locker to shove her Chemistry book inside.

“Okay, but I’ll replace Whoopi, because I’m black, like the poor kids in Africa.” Kay proclaimed, as she too, pushed her books inside her locker.

“Oh crap,” Sighed Sarah. “I totally forgot to do that stupid book report for Ms. Lane!”

“Oh it’s okay Sarah,” Lori said, shutting her locker and turning to face her friend. “Just turn it in tomorrow. I’m sure she won’t mind.”

“She said she was going to take fifty percent off every day it’s not turned in, Lori. I’m sure she won’t mind, but my mother will, when she finds out I got an “F” on a book report.” Sarah spoke, grabbing her long black hair with stress. “You all just go on to lunch, and I’ll catch up with you later after I finish it.”

“Oh, I hate to leave you here.” Kay commented. “Are you sure you want to just stay here and do it?”

“Yea, I better. See you all later.” Sarah replied.

“Alright girl, we’ll be at our same table if you get finished, so just come and join us.” Ash said, as the three girls began walking down the hall towards the cafeteria.

As the girls were walking away from Sarah, Kay whispered to the other girls. “I just feel so bad about leaving her. She probably feels horrible….. Like those poor kids in Africa!”

“Oh my god, Kay.” Sighed Ash, as they slipped out of sight from Sarah.

The hallway was now empty, with the exception of some disregarded pencils, a few crumpled up pieces of paper, and Sarah, sitting with her back up against the lockers, pulling out a piece of paper and a pencil from her newly retrieved binder. “Alright,” She sighed to herself. “Let’s write a book report.”

Sarah didn’t notice the boy who had entered the hallway until she heard the clank of his cane against the tiled floor a couple of yards away from her. The boy looked to be around seventeen, with dark brown hair and a slim frame. He wore dark jeans with a brown American Eagle shirt that clung closely to his toned torso. But the most outstanding thing that Sarah noticed about him, was that he was wearing sunglasses. It would have not meant much to Sarah if it were sunny out today, or if the hallway was bright. But it was cloudy and stormy today, and the hallway was very dimly lit.

The boy kept right on, striding gracefully down the hall, as if she weren’t even there, which she wouldn’t have minded either, except for the fact that he was headed right towards her, and wasn’t even slowing down.

It wasn’t until the boy had tripped over Sarah’s crouched body that she said something.

“Whoa, excuse me!” She exclaimed as the boy tumbled down over her crunched body.

“Oh, I am so sorry!” The boy finally said before righting himself and standing back up.

“Um, it’s okay I guess, but you should really watch where you’re going.” Sarah spoke, standing up as well to get a better look at him.

“Well that’s kind of a problem area for me, because I’m blind.” He responded with a playful smirk.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry. I had no idea...” She started before she was cut off.

“Oh don’t worry about it.” He coaxed. “But honestly, the cane and the glasses usually give that fact away pretty easily. I surprised you didn’t notice.”

“Well I did notice the cane and the glasses, but you weren’t swinging the cane around in front of you like most blind people do.” She said, gesturing the action for him before she remembered that he couldn’t see it, and drew her hand back, embarrassed.

“Ha-ha-ha, you just did the motion didn’t you?” He remarked, smiling.

“Yea, I’m sorry, I’m not used to people, well, you know, not being able to see.” She responded.

“Well do you mind if I see you for a second?” He asked.

“Um, I’m sorry, what?” She answered, dumbfounded.

“I want to feel your face to see what you look like. I know it’s a little strange, but it’s the only sight I really get to have.” He said, leaning against the locker next to him.

“Um, yea, sure.” Sarah spoke with a little bit of excitement. (Hopefully not too obviously).
Sarah closed her eyes as his fingers brushed softly against her forehead and glided along the length of her face.

“My name is Zach, by the way.” He mentioned as his fingers now ran across her lips and chin.

“Hmmm..” Sarah let out, as she tried to remember her name. “Sarah.. that’s my name….”

“Well if I may say so Sarah, you’re beautiful.” He spoke softly as Sarah came nearer to him.

Forgetting herself, Sarah reached up and gently grabbed his hand as she leaned forward into Zach. He welcomed her with a soft kiss that lingered on both of their lips. Zach took Sarah’s other hand and put them both on his checks.

“It’s strange you know… How sometimes a person can see more with their eyes closed, than with them open.” He spoke after they had drawn out of their kiss.

“How do you do that?” Sarah asked in a hushed tone.

“You just imagine…...” Zach answered, as they went back in for another lingering kiss.

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BriarRose This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Aug. 11, 2011 at 6:06 pm
I like this. It's a solid piece of work with a great ending. I love zach, he sounds like a really amazing person. and the way he sees the world...i'd love to get into his head for an hour or two, just to see from his perspective.
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