First Love...Is Never Forgotten

August 4, 2011
I lay on my bed, thinking of the last moments He and I spent together. It seemed as only yesterday we had our first kiss and now, he’s gone. I sit up seeing the beautiful sunny day through my huge window. I was too depressed to go outside. Without Him here I felt like locking myself away in a dark room and never coming out ever again. I felt like letting my feelings out, but I didn’t want to do it how I normally did for the past few weeks; just sitting curled up in a ball in a dark corner of my room crying. I wanted to let my feelings out in another way, but how? I glance around my room looking for an idea. Couldn’t come up with anything! After 5 minutes I start to glare around my room, frustrated. Once my eyes hit my computer, I had an idea. I boot up my computer with my special pen and pad plugged into the computer, ready to draw. I start to draw two horses: one girl, one boy; one standing for Me and the other for Him.

I find myself sitting in a meadow. I can hear the wind combing the trees and birds singing like there’s no tomorrow. The sky was baby blue and the clouds were like cotton balls. I see two horses prancing in the open meadow where the grass swayed as if it were dancing along with them. I could tell that the grey one with a short, storm grey colored mane was a boy and the brown and white one with a long, blond mane was a girl. I hear them neigh softly towards each other. I could tell they were saying, “I love you”. I watched them roll in the grass, kick and play with each other for hours. Suddenly, I see them gallop off into the trees chasing each other. Wanting to conceive more, I followed them into the dim forest.

After trudging in the forest for not too long, I come onto a beach. I look around for the horses, hoping I could find them. I finally spot them frolicking in the mesmerizing, sapphire water which foams like soap once it starts to hit the shore. The salty wind blows around the girl’s golden mane, throwing it around in attempt to make her look dangerously wild. They splashed each other with the ocean water like children. It was awe inspiring to watch the horses play in the water. It was something I’ve never experienced in my entire life. The lazy sun started to set and the horses sat down together to watch the sun fade away into the purple clouds of despair. Once the sun set, the horses got up and galloped past me and back into the forest. I jumped up to follow them once more.

I blindly walked through the maze of trees and once again came into the meadow where I started. The meadow was dark and yet so dark that it looked like a black abyss. The grass was wet and the air was deathly cold. I see the two horses standing in the middle of the meadow nudging each other’s muzzles. The grey horse whinnied musically as if he were singing a line from a love song. The brown and white one whinnied softly and angelically back to say the next line of the song. I see a tear drop roll down her long face. He noticed and told her not to cry. He reassured her he would be back for her and if he didn’t, he would always love her. He nudged her one last time, threw his head back to rear and then galloped off into dark night with the chance of no return.

I sat with a finished piece on the screen in front of me. I smiled for once and moved on to face the amazing things that life throws at you. Who knows, maybe one day those horses will meet again.

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zone7494 said...
Aug. 13, 2011 at 9:17 pm
this was a good and interesting story. Maybe you could read some of my stuff and tell me what you think.
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