July 28, 2011
By LuckyStar BRONZE, Cottage Grove, Minnesota
LuckyStar BRONZE, Cottage Grove, Minnesota
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Even angels have their wicked schemes.

Grabbing an old book, she headed towards the forest. Her wavy brown hair shined in the afternoon sunlight as she walked over in the grassy area. Finally she stopped at a large oak tree at the very edge of the forest. She went and sat down in the cool shade of it. She had come to her aunts house for the summer, her mom telling her she needed to spend more time with the family. Although there was nothing horribly bad about the family, she finally enjoyed the peace and solitude. The chirping of birds became distant as she opened her book and dug into adventure.

Rustle Rustle.

She jumped slightly as the noise had broken the silence. She looked into the forest and saw a flash of orange. Curiosity had gotten the best of her. She set her book down on the ground and got up from her spot. Heading into the woods, she wondering where the noise had come from. Deeper and deeper she went. The noise came back, getting clearer each time. It sounded like it was coming from the northeast. She began to wonder how long she had been in the forest. The tree tops hid the sky, unable to help her tell time. Her legs began to ache, as she continued to walk forward.

Rustle Rustle.

Her head turned quickly to the left. The noise had sounded very near to her. She quickened her pace, forgetting about her sore body, and began to run. Finally she was met with cool air. She had landed in a small glade. Astonishment took over her face as she looked up into the sky. It was well into the evening as the sky was many shades of red. She looked over to see little balls of lights floating around the glade, flying all around the patches of wildflowers. She was amazed at how the fireflies looked, the sunlight bouncing off them, to give them an almost red look.

She stepped closer in order to get a better view. As she came closer to them, her eyes widened. These were not fireflies at all. She looked over at the balls of lights. They had small bodies connected to wings. Still a distance away she saw as they began to fly in a circular motion, their wings turning colors of every shade. They danced high and low, slow and fast.

Their chittering was faint, almost as a whisper. A small tune hit her ear, and she realized they were singing.The melody mesmerized her. A smile came across her face as she saw the small fairies enjoying themselves. They continued to dance, changing shape every so often. Then their song slowly decrescendo. She looked around, seeing as they slowed their dance to a stop. A dark shaded person came out from a pair of trees. They walked slowly to the group of fairies. Their light shined on his face, and she realized he was not going to harm them. He walked closer, a small smile on him. She realized how handsome he was as his dark black hair shined in the light, his perfect face with a smile.

He reached out his hand to the group. A small pink fairy raced over and landed on his palm. He held it to his ear, nodding as he listened to it. Then the fairy flew back into the group. He looked over into the direction on her, and she realized they had known she was their. She stood still in her place, looking at his face. She felt calmed, wondering if she had seen him somewhere before.

He walked towards her, a curious look on his face, until he was right in front of her. "You've come back," his smooth voice whispered. Lightly taking her hand he led her over to the fairies. They fairies flew higher into smaller groups and began dancing again. Their light contrasted on the dark night sky. He then walked her over to the very center of a field. Picking a wild flower he laid it gently in her hair. She smiled looking into his light blue eyes.

She seemed to had seen him somewhere before, but could not remember where. He took her other hand in his and the song started up again. He brought her closer to him. She could smell a faint aroma of roses as she came to him. They swayed back and forth in tune with the song of the fairies. Laying her head down on his shoulder, she came to enjoy the moment. They danced for what seemed like hours on end. As they danced he talked about a kingdom. She listened, intrigued by what he was saying.

"I was young when the war of darkness and light was foretold in destiny. The country, at war with one another; hatred spilled over the land. Their was no dreams, no love in the world. People, corrupted with vengeance. The goddess came down from the sky. She looked in shame at what we had created. To spare the dying world, she stripped away the evil, leaving only the good. Now few remained. My father was one who was taken. Time passed and our world was created once again. My family became heir to the kingdom. Soon, my uncle will pass it down to me."

She looked over at him. A single tear rolled down her cheek. She looked away from him, wondering what it must have felt like. He looked at her, and wiped away the tear streaming down. He left his hand on her smooth skin. His face was merely inches from hers. She could feel his warm breath on her face. Slowly, closing his eyes, he bent down and said, "Would you be my queen," then placed his lips on hers. Time seemed to stop. Memories seemed to play in her mind.

A young girl laid out on the grass. Her bright yellow sundress giving her a warm aura. She watched as a small orange butterfly flew past. She had never seen a butterfly up close before and decided to follow it in hopes of being able to catch it. She saw as the butterfly went into the forest. Hesitantly she walked in its path. She saw a glimmer of bright orange in the corner of her eye and headed to it. After walking over a few trees she found herself in a grassy area. She looked to see the butterfly on a single daisy. She also happened to see a young boy sitting by the daisy looking at the butterfly. She walked over to the boy, wondering if he liked butterfly's too.

The young boy looked up to her then placed a finger to his lips motioning for her to be quiet. She slowed her pace making sure not to make any noise. Then crouched next to him. The boy placed his hand out and the butterfly, flew onto his finger. He held it up to the girl. "Would you like to hold it?" his soft voice asked her. She nodded her head lightly then stuck out a finger. The boy came closer to her and the butterfly flew over to her. She was amazed as she looked at the detailed patterns on its wings. After a while the butterfly flew away. She watched until the small orange dot disappeared.

"Thank you for showing me the butterfly," she told him, remembering to use her manners. "Your welcome. Will you come back here?" he asked her. She wondered whether she would or not. If she was able to see the him again, then she would be happy. "Sure!" she replied happily. Then he walked her out of the forest for she did not know where she was. "How will I get back?" she asked him. He looked over at her and replied with a smile,"Just follow the butterfly."

She looked up to him then smiled. "I'll be your queen."

The author's comments:
Happiness is like a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.

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