Close to Heaven

June 3, 2011
By , Columbia, SC

On the Titanic

“Landon, we have to!” I yelled. Landon gave me a funny look and looked at the remains of the Titanic. “But, but, I’ll see you in heaven.” He grinned. I shook my head “Landon, you cannot kiss someone in heaven!” Landon took my hand “We can do whatever we want in heaven, I know so! My Grammy told me!” Landon assured me. I sighed “Were eighteen, I don’t want to die and I sure don’t want to see your Grammy in her birthday suit!” I whined. The ship began to burst into many pieces. Landon hugged me tightly “I-I-I- SEE THE LIGHT!” We starred at the very bright light. “Here comes heaven, I love you Landon!” I lie. Then before we blow up into flames I realize it’s the sun rising!!

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