Second Chances

August 1, 2011
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They say that there is someone out there for everyone . Someone that is your “other half” and will make you happy . For some people , it takes what feels like a lifetime to find that someone and for others, that someone comes fast . Haley King was one of the lucky ones who found her “other half” early in life , or at least it seemed that way .

As Eighth grade year approached , Haley felt as if her life was perfect . All she was missing was a prince charming to keep her safe from all danger . On the first day of the new school year , she walked into her class and saw the most beautiful guy she had ever laid eyes on , Daniel Savoy . Daniel was a transfer student ,so she had never seen him before . For Haley , it was love at first sight .

Haley had no idea if Daniel even knew she existed . Until one day her doorbell rang , but when she opened the door , no one was there. There was a card with her name on it , so she figured it was a secret admirer. She took the card up to her room and started to read :

Dear Haley ,

The first time I saw you , my heart melted . This may seem like a cheesy cliché , but it was love at first sight . I don’t even know if you know I exist , but I don’t want to sit back and wait . So , can you give a guy a chance for at least trying ? Meet me at the football field and midnight !



Although the initials were the same , she knew it was too good to be true , but she decided to go anyway . Since she only lived half a mile from the football field , she decided to walk . As she arrived , she noticed this tall silhouette and her heart dropped . He started to approach her and when he got close enough for her to see , she felt like she was floating on air . To her surprise , it was Daniel Savoy , her prince charming

From that day on , they were inseparable . They spent every waking minute together . It seemed as if they had the picture perfect relationship ! Everyone envied what they had together and many people tried to come between them , but they didn’t care . They stuck together through everything and before they knew it a whole year had went by , but to them it still felt like the first day .

Now they were Freshman in High School and they knew it would be harder to keep their relationship strong , but they were willing to work through anything that was thrown in their path. Daniel tried out for the football team and Haley tried out for the cheerleading team . Of course , they both made it ! As if their relationship wasn’t good enough , now they had the type of relationship seen in the movies . Football player dates cheerleader , happy every after !

Daniel became the star quarterback for the team and Haley was there every step of the way to support him . He lead the team to the district playoffs . The playoff game was on a Friday night , so after the game , everyone was going to a party . After throwing the winning pass , Daniel got in the car with all of his buddies , ready to celebrate to big win .

On the way to the party , Daniel and his friends got into a really bad car crash . By the time the ambulance got there , he had already lost one of his friends . Daniel was rushed to the hospital . When he arrived at the hospital , he was unconscious , the doctor knew that it was a very slim chance he would make it through . He had suffered severe damage to his lower body and his head . In effort to save his legs , he had to immediately undergo surgery .

By the time Haley found out he was in the car crash , he had already been through surgery . When she arrived , Daniel was still unconscious . Although the doctor was not very optimistic , Haley knew Daniel was strong and he would pull through .

There was not one day that went by that Haley was not right next to him , holding his hand , praying to God he would pull through . Two weeks went by , and he had still shown no sign of recovery . Until one day he opened his eyes. Haley cried tears of joy , her prince charming was here to rescue her from her pain .

When Daniel woke up , he acted as if he had no idea what was going on . He did not recognize anyone . Not his parents , his friends , and not even Haley . He looked at her as if she was a complete stranger . When he asked her who she was , her heart shattered . She never thought such a simple question could hurt that much . Haley ran out of the room with tear filled eyes . Her whole world had came crashing down .

Although the doctor said Daniel would never gain his memory back , Haley still visited him everyday . For 2 months she spent time with him everyday and he still didn’t remember her . The last thing she wanted to do was give up on him , but she couldn’t take the pain of loving someone who didn’t even remember her any longer .

She decided to try and forget about him , but it seemed as if she couldn’t . Until one night , her friend invited her to a party . Haley thought it would be a good way to get her mind off of things so she went . When she got there , there were people drinking and smoking . Haley wasn’t into those things , but she has never really tried them because she spent so much time with Daniel . Once she took that first sip of alcohol , it was over .

She got so drunk , that she forgot about everything that was on her mind . She liked the feeling , so this became a daily routine for Haley . Wake up , take a shot , go to school and act like everything is okay . Everyone noticed the change in Haley , but they all figured that it was her way of dealing with things , so no one said anything to her about it .

Eventually , the drinking started to affect her school work and she got kicked off the cheerleading team . Her parents didn’t know what to do with her . They tried to keep her home , but she would always find a way to get out . After a month of being drunk all the time , it wasn’t enough to make her forget about the pain !

Since drinking was doing the job anymore , Haley decided to start experimenting with drugs . She first tried smoking marijuana , it helped for a while , but eventually it would wear off . So , she needed to find something that lasted longer . Her friend introduced her to this little pill called Ecstasy ! After the first time she took it , she was automatically hooked .

When she high on “X” it seemed as if nothing matter . She has no worries in the world and it seemed like everything was okay . She didn’t realize it , but slowly everything was falling apart. Her friends couldn’t deal with her wild behavior , so they all left her . Her family , had no idea how to help her , so they let her go on her own . Eventually she had no one to turn to .

Before drugs came into her life , Haley was strong believer in Christ . She would pray every morning and night , but she had not prayed since that first night she got drunk . Three years later , and she had no intentions of stopping her drug and alcohol abuse , although she was only harming herself .

Surprisingly , Haley made it to graduation night . Of course , she was drunk the whole ceremony , but it was nothing new . After graduation , everyone went to the big party . As usual , Haley got drunk and high . When she was ready to leave , she got behind the wheel . Little did she know , that doing this would change her life forever !
The next day , Haley woke up in the hospital and to her surprise , Daniel was sitting next to her bed , holding her hand ! She thought she was in some kind of dream because it was too good to be true . Her prince charming had came back to rescue her . She asked him why he was there and his response , “I love you too much , to let you see you ruin your life like this . I feel as if I am responsible for everything you have done to yourself . I fell in love with the girl you were 3 years ago , but this girl is someone I could never love . I look into your eyes and I can see that girl I fell in love with dying to come out . I can’t remember anything from my past , but I remember you now because you were never in my past . You were always in my future.”

When Daniel said this to Haley , she broke down . She began crying and telling him that she never wanted to do any of this , but it was the only way she could deal with not being able to be with him . She promised him that she would get help and he promised that he would support her through everything . After a year of rehab , Haley was clean .

In tradition , she attended her “1 Year Sober” ceremony . At the ceremony , Daniel got up on stage in front of everyone and proposed to Haley . Of course , she said yes ! She felt as if everything was back to the way it was . God works in mysterious ways , but he always give second chances . So , if you get one , take it !

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