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June 3, 2011
By jlitchfield2013 BRONZE, Litchfield, Michigan
jlitchfield2013 BRONZE, Litchfield, Michigan
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There are no shortcuts, to any place worth going! A friend is someone you can be alone with and not have any thing to do and not be able to say anything to say and be ok with the silence!

Three seconds left on the scoreboard clock. Only three before the final touch down between Litchfield high and Quincy high. Luke Adams caught the ball and Caleb Webb ran after him to guard and touchdown as the end buzzer went off and the game ended. Litchfield had won the last game of the season winning the championship, the last game was held at Litchfield community school. After the game the players went to the lock room and got out of there football uniforms and headed to the after party, but an hour in the party Luke and Caleb left, They meet a couple of girls they’ve seen in the hall before at their school. Luke likes MaKayla the most but Caleb liked Jai, but didn’t care for Caleb too much. Jai still hung out with Caleb anyway; little did Caleb and Luke know Jai and MaKayla’s father was the coach. The girls got home late and when they entered the house there he was there dad and coach was sitting there.
MaKayla had forgot her English book in Luke's car, Luke noticed it Makayla’s book and he turned the car around and went back to give it to her. As Luke got back he noticed that the girl’s house looked like the coach’s house, but he thought never. Luke got to the door and heard a man’s voice yelling at the girls, he wanted to turn and walk away but he didn’t. As Luke was about to knock on the door, it swung open and there stood the coach. Luke smiled at the coach and the coach just stared at him till Luke said “MaKayla forgot this in my car, could you give this to her.” The coach looked back at his daughters and told Jai to go to bed. MaKayla just stood there with a I’m sorry daddy sad look on her face. The coach looked at his daughter with grief and turned away before he could say anything or get any madder told her to go to bed.
MaKayla got up the next morning and felt sick to her stomach. She wondered why she felt this way, but then she remembered when she and Luke had got to close the night they meet. MaKayla had started to get worried as she remembers Luke and her had no protection. As MaKayla got more and more worried, she woke up Jai and told her what had happened. All Jai could do is look in to MaKayla’s eyes as tears started to fill them. Jai turned away from MaKayla for a second and then turned back, she looked at MaKayla again and said “Let’s go for a ride.”
As MaKayla and Jai took a ride to the clinic, MaKayla didn’t know where Jai was taking her. MaKayla want to know where she was going, but she didn’t ask she just looked down at her feet. Five minutes later the car stopped, MaKayla looked at Jai and said”Where are we.” As Jai looked around outside of the car then looked back at MaKayla and said were at the clinic, with a blank expression with tears on MaKayla’s face she said “ Let’s go “. Jai with said if you don’t want to you don’t have to. MaKayla looked down at her feet then at the` clinic and back at jai and said “I don’t want to, but I have to.”
Jai and MaKayla stepped out of the car, and went in to the clinic. Jai went and sat down and MaKayla went to the front desk and signed in as MaKayla went to go sit down the doctor called her name. MaKayla looked at jai and said “Will you come back with me please.” Jai smiled and nodded her head yes. The Doctor looked at MaKayla and asked “why are you two ladies here for!” Jai just said “Support!” MaKayla looked at the doctor and said I think I’m pregnant.” Doctor looked at MaKayla and said “We’ll give you two tests to find out both are blood work though” MaKayla looked at Jai and then back at the doctor and said “OK!” So MaKayla toke both tests and Doctor went out a few minutes later he came back to the room. He looked at MaKayla and said “you’re not pregent!” With the look of relief on MaKayla’s face and Jai’s face they walked out, and MaKayla called Luke and said “No I’m not pregnant!” Luke didn’t know what to say but “Will You Marry Me!” MaKayla said “Yes!” and the next 5 months they were married and two years later MaKayla had twin boys Named Luke the second and Jay.

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it's got my buddy name in it

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