May 28, 2011
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His eyes on hers. Her eyes on his. They haven’t talked in hours. They stand each in a corner. Both scared to talk to each other. She is scared because she didn’t want one of the three half empty bottles thrown into her scull. He is scared because he doesn’t want her to find out about the other women he was seeing behind her back. Both of them thinking the same thing. “What did I do to her/him?” It was a question worth pondering over. Both didn’t know what to do next. There was no way out of the room without crossing each other’s path. They were terrified of one word. HONESTY. It never hurt her until now. When everything seemed fine. She crossed her arms over her chest, holding opposite shoulders, she slid down the wall. Crying. He ran over to her. Holding her in his embrace. She still felt lonely. She slowly unfolded her arms, stood, and walked out of the empty room. The only thing running through her mind right then was the song 21 Guns by Green Day. It had been what she was playing when they met at the bookstore. Now, walking out into the pitch black night, she thought of Sebastian. The man who was making her famous with the music she sang. He, married, told her whenever she had a problem not to hesitate to call him right then.
Sebastian’s arms were warm and comforting on this cold bleak night. He held her until she wept again. Not knowing of which man she wanted more. The Cheater or The Married Man? What was her decision. She wept even harder. He held her even tighter. She was lost and confused. Could I wake up tomorrow and have a new day? Just once? She thought as he walked her into the warm, cozy house he lived in. His wife was gone for the week. It was just him. He let her sleep next to him on his bed.
In the morning, Sebastian kissed her forehead as she awoke the next morning. He had in his hand, a one way plane ticket for anywhere she wanted. Then in a suit case, one hundred thousand dollars.
She left his house that morning, ready to start her new life he was providing. She boarded the first flight to Wisconsin. Now was the perfect time to go home. Where she belonged and where she wouldn’t get into any trouble.
Her new life started with a man named Joe and his son Steven. A divorced father. A loyal man. Also her Kindergarten crush. Black hair and thigh high leather boots didn’t scare him. She loved that.

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