Those Eyes

May 28, 2011
She's scared to fall back in his arms. The arms that held her ever so close. She's afraid to feel the chills of coldness in his soul. She's scared to lose again.
But she always falls back. Into the crystal eyes that made her fall in love. She hates the person but the eyes always drift her back.
But she's not in love, she's in envy of the eyes. The eyes that closed.
The eyes that never saw her pain.
But she's in love with the eyes. Even though the great pain that comes with the eyes.
She's willing, she was willing. She was willing to fight for those eyes. She broke promises for those eyes.
She's lost the eyes of him.
To someone much stronger than her.
To someone who's willing to fight, but makes the other one lose.
She lost her love to the strongest of them all.

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