Running Away

May 28, 2011
She walked towards him, making her way through the crowded market street. His heart skipped a beat as she flipped her long shiny pale blonde hair over her shoulder and flashed her brilliant white smile. Her beautiful blue eyes locked with his, and his knees wobbled a little as they went weak. He watched her long legs in the tight faded blue jeans he loved so much walk towards him. Her flat tan belly peeked out from under her white tank top, and he could see the silvery glint of her belly button ring. He watched her diamond earrings sparkle in the sun. She was everything he could ever ask for. How had he come across this beautiful girl?

She looked at him eagerly through the mass of people. There he stood, so simply in his dark jeans and tight white t-shirt. He flicked his dark auburn hair out of his eyes, with the little move of his head she knew so well. The sun reflected off of his mirrored aviator sunglasses, making his face look even more tan against the bright silvery-white of the sun light. The tan, smooth face, with the full lips she loved to watch speak her name were there, not far off. She could see his muscles through the thin cotton of his shirt and longed to be held in his strong, work tanned arms. He was amazing and complimented her in every way. How had she ended up with this pure example of perfection?

As they approached each other, he caught her up in his strong arms and swung her around, holding her body tight against his. He set her down and looked into the sparkling blue eyes that reminded him of the lake where they met, that afternoon at summer camp. They were so young then, he couldn’t help the flash back to those happy care free days.

Her short blonde hair had been pulled back sloppily, and the glint of the sun off of her braces had almost blinded him. She wasn’t watching where she was going and didn’t notice when she turned around and almost knocked him down. He stumbled and caught her before she fell, and couldn’t help but hear her little cry of embarrassment when she realized what had happened. She had looked up into his sun burnt face with the crooked glasses he hated so much, and met his dazzling green eyes, which reminded her of the Mountain Dew she’d had with her lunch. He had said, “Hey there,” and with a little chuckle, “watch where you’re going.” Never had she been more embarrassed.

He came back to reality and said to her, “Hey there,” and with a little chuckle, “Watch where you’re going.” She giggled and realized how much they had both grown and changed, physically and emotionally. Then he got quiet, and said, “I was serious about that. Watch where you’re going.” She looked at him confused. Then with a smile he said, “You’re running away with my heart… I think I should know where you’re going with it.”

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atimm2013 said...
Aug. 4, 2011 at 11:45 pm
this is cute! i love the ending!
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