A Tear From Juliet..

July 29, 2011
By Viphamsmileyface SILVER, Higland, New York
Viphamsmileyface SILVER, Higland, New York
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I stood here alone looking as the sunset faded away from the world. I looked at my watch and thought about it, I thought about last night and this week. My body started to break and I started to feel weak, broken almost. I pulled out a gold necklace from my pocket and slowly dropped it over the cliff, a silent echo then screamed as the necklace dropped down onto the water. I fell down onto my knees and started to breath heavily, losing my breath almost. I look back up to see someone standing in front of me holding out there hand, trying to help me back up to my feet. I grab the persons hand and stood back up and then I saw it. Across my eye is a view of memories, vacant and empty memories. The memories were of her laughing being happy, with him. The memories then fade away and she slowly appears out of no where. I walk up closer to her, trying to hold her but nothing. I'm left with an empty canvas and no picture..

It was exactly a week ago before all of this happened, when everything vanished away from my grip. I could remember everything. Even the beginning, I could still remember that one cold night. But it wasn't all like that, it was much more different. Everything was more easier. Life was easier...

It was a warm Summer night and I was just walking around my neighborhood and then I saw her. She was sitting on a bench crying her eyes out while her boyfriend yelled at her. I just shook my head and walked away not knowing what else to do. I then turned around and walked towards them and as soon as i got close to the guy i pushed him away from the girl, protecting her. He then gets back up and pulls a gun out and pointed it at me and then out of no where he points it at her. The world then just stops and as fast as I could i tried to push her away but it was to late, she fell down onto the ground unconscious. The boyfriend then ran away scared and shocked. I grabbed her hand protecting her, making sure she was safe and okay. By the time the ambulance came she felt as if she was cold and lonely, I felt so empty knowing that I can't help her. When the ambulance got to the hospital I ran inside checking if she was okay and surprisingly she smiled at me, I smiled back making sure she was feeling better. As we got closer to the emergency room i grabbed her hand and held it tight and then i stopped as they took her into the emergency room. I just took in a deep breath and put my head down, I felt so empty inside..just so empty.

I stayed at the hospital for almost 3 hours waiting to know if she was okay or not and then the doctor came into the waiting room. I got up and walked up to him and he knew what I was going to ask him. He just shook his head in silence and then i just broke apart. He then said that she only had a few hours to live and that he couldn't do anything about it, she was gone. I slowly walked into the quiet room with nothing but a broken smile, she looked happy and broken both at the same time. The rain slowly fell outside dropping and making a beat on the window. I pulled up a seat next to the hospital bed and then in shock she finally recognized me, after all these years It was me who was looking after her. I grabbed her hand and pulled the chair closer. I then closed my eyes and started to remember all of those memories, the perfect ones where it made you smile no matter what. But this time it didn't made me smile, it just broke me inside. For almost 8 years I've known her, both as a friend and a stranger. I then reach into my pocket and pulled out a necklace, it was the necklace i was suppose to give her when we graduated. I then try to give it to her and say those words that will change everything but as i do she then smiled at me and started to become weak, then..then her heart stopped and she was gone..forever. I just grabbed her hand tighter telling her no over and over again, i couldn't let go of her hand..i couldn't let her go. I just put my head down on the hospital bed and started to break, I then drop the necklace onto the hard and shallow ground and as it fell down onto the ground a tear the fell down from her face. I had nothing left, nothing but and empty heart and a broken smile.

Days have passed and I still can't get over her smile, i was still so broken inside. I walked to the graveyard after the sun settled down and started to feel a bit weak. I finally found her grave and as soon as i did i fell down onto the ground. Her beautiful name carved on the stone, a picture of her on a stand next to the grave. I just wanted to hold her one last time, just one more time. I then started to break down crying telling her to come back and then i fell it. Someone pointed a gun to my head and i knew who it was. I just took in a deep breath and shed one last tear and said in a cold and broken voice,

"Do it, please just do it. It's the only way that i can see her."

I just closed my eyes and felt the echo of the gunshot...

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