July 28, 2011
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“Macey, I understand. You love Jason. Jason loves you. I really understand, just promise me one thing.” Conner sighed.
“Depends.” Macey replied.
“Don’t break Jason’s heart, like you did mine.”
“I would never.” She started to walk away.
“Macey wait!” I practically yelled.
“What Cadie?!” she snapped.
“The ring.” I replied coolly pointing to her finger.
Macey gave me a snide look and pulled the ring off. She slapped it in my hand.
“Thank You” Conner murmured after she left.
“Your Welcome!” I replied with a smile. I opened my hang and studied the ring gleaming so beautifully in the shimmering sun. The rainbow shining in every crease of the diamond. Conner softly put his hand over mine and took the ring. A smile crawled across his face. Then he pulled me into a hug.
“Do you mind if I stay over at your place for a little while? Macey and Jason over took the house. And I really don’t want to sleep on the streets.” Conner whispered in my ear.
“The couch is all yours!” I replied.
Conner was holding flowers as I opened the door. He swiftly put them in the first empty vase he found.
“I was wondering if you would mind if I took you to the next movie showing as a sign of my gratitude.” Conner asked.
“Why yes you may! I love movies!” I replied.
Conner took my hand and led me to his car; I was in awe to see a Corvette sitting in my driveway.
“Conner you know what forget the movies. I would like starbucks instead. Then we can talk.” I said slyly. I was just curious to see what was going on in his mind.
“Okay. That works! I really didn’t want to see a movie.” Conner said as he opened my door.
Conner drove to the farthest starbucks he could find.
“Conner. Thank you for the flowers. I never did get the chance to thank you!” I said sweetly.
“It’s no big deal. I was just saying thank you for being there when I most needed you.” He replied.
“That’s what friends do. They help each other no matter what.”
“Cadie! You’re just so amazing. If Mayce understood me like you do we would still be together.” Hurt swept across his face, as well as a tear, which he swiftly swept away. “And to believe she loved me was a mistake. The only reason she wanted me was because I have a lot of money and I look like Jason.”
“Conner, you can cry in front of me. You’re hurting. Just cry.”
“I’m just trash aren’t I?”
“Conner, you are a wonderful sensible man! You’re always so sweet and nice and you never put someone down. You always know what to say. Heck! When i'm around you my world gets a ton brighter!”
I must have dozed off after my rant because I woke up on my couch and I could hear Conner’s cute snores from my room. I hoped off of the couch and brewed some coffee. Conner emerged just as the coffee was finishing.
“Hey sweetie!” Conner said giving me a hug. “I came to a realization as I was carrying you to the couch.”
“Really what is that?” I said nonchonotly.
“I’m not sure.” He said scratching his head.
“Come on Con! Tell me!”
“It’s not important at the moment.”
I put on my best pouty face but said “Okay”
Awkwardness settled between us as we sat on the couch.
“What’s your favorite color?” I said determined to end it.
“Ummm… Yellow. Defiantly Yellow.” He replied fiddling with his fingers.
“Ditto! Umm favorite music?”
“Any kind.” Conner lifted his head up. His dirty blonde hair falling gently against his almost perfect face. His eyes saying he was confused and deep in thought.
“My brother and his girlfriend are coming to visit. Is that okay?” Conner asked sweetly.
“Yes, but where are they going to sleep? On the….” The doorbell cut me off.
“They are here!” Conner exclaimed. He grabbed my arm and pulled me to the door. As the door opened I gasped at the girl behind it.
“Leila?” I cried.
“Cadie?” She said shocked.
“Tyler!” Tyler piped in.
Conner rolled his eyes and smacked Tyler’s shoulder.
“I missed…” I noticed the ring on her finger. “You”
Leila followed my gaze.
“Cadie! I was going to….”She started but I shoved her out of the way and ran down to the farm. Three miles away. Tears streamed down my face. I finally had to stop at my rock and cry.
“Cadie! Are you okay?” Conner asked worriedly as he gasped for air.
“I’m hurt. I can’t believe Leila wouldn’t tell me something like that. She is the closest thing I have to mom and dad and we promised to not hide anything from each other.” I cried.
Conner sat down next to me and held me as I cried.
“It will all be fine. I promise you.” Conner whisper. I looked up at him to see a little bit of anger. “It makes me mad that they made you cry though.”
Tyler walked up.
“Are you two an item? Because Conner shot out of that house after you like there was no tomorrow. And you are pretty fast.” Tyler chuckled.
“Leila!” I said squirming.
“She will be here soon. She wanted to lock up the house.”
“Cadie…” Leila started.
“I’m so sorry.” we said together.
“Tyler, I am in love with Cadie. She’s the one for me. I can feel it. But we don’t even date.” Conner said in a whisper.
“Sorry man.” Tyler replied
“I doubt she feels the same.”
“Dude! She’s in love with you!”
“No she isn’t.”
Tyler sighed. “Cadie, Conner wants you to know he loves you but he isn’t sure you love him.”
I turned to Conner. “I heard your whole conversation. And I love you so much. Is indescribable! I was afraid you didn’t feel the same way.”
Conner stood in front of me then kissed me sweetly.

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Chancie said...
Sept. 17, 2011 at 7:19 pm

it sucks i know. check out my poems the are so much better

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