Swept Away

July 28, 2011
I looked up at the precise moment that she rounded the corner, she being the most beautiful woman I had ever had the pleasure of meeting in my 17 years of life. Everything seemed to cease existing but her. My heart seemed to pound in my ears as she met my large chocolate eyes with her sparkling blue ones. Her eyes always sparkled, she could be ensconced in shadow and still her innocent life force rose to the surface of her eyes and glistened teasingly. The smile that spread across her pale face exposed her perfectly white and straight teeth, pulling tight her luscious red lips. She seemed just as happy to see me but I couldn't even explain to her, he**, I couldn't breathe at the moment. Eventually her feet carried her out of my vision, her hands stuffed into the pockets of her black pea coat and I realized, quite suddenly, that I was in the middle of a streaming hallway and had to move before risking being trampled by my fellow students. Up the stairs I rushed to my locker in a dazed smile that seemed to take me over and rid my mind of all thoughts but that very special moment that will come to dictate my thoughts for the nights following shortly after.
I must explain that I am not a romantic by nature; I have often been described as a cold-hearted b****. Only when my heart is seized by a woman that becomes an angel in my eyes am I prone to romantic gestures and 'gushing'. So, just the mere fact that I experienced such a romantic movie-like feeling was a sign I could not ignore. I had to find this woman, had to know her, had to have her as mine.
Driving home in my little Porsche passed with almost no recognizable memory and the next time I could recall I was in my spacious bedroom lounged out on my four-poster bed dripping with black silk sheets and a burgundy down quilt. I was entirely too enraptured with this woman, no other thought had pervaded my thoughts. Even later that night my homework went on automatic, surely only barely passable. After dinner with my mom, and only family member I shared our spacious mansion-like lake house with, I picked up my sketch book and sketched that woman for hours. The resulting piece was perfect; somehow I had managed to capture the essence of her in that one sketch. I tacked it on my bulletin board across from my bed and stretched; Time for bed.

The next day I dressed my best, soft leather pants and a red silk button up shirt with a tight black vest; satin heels and ruby earrings. I applied make-up that accentuated my features perfectly making my large chocolate eyes dark and sexy, my tan skin glowed golden and my short baby doll haircut was slicked back softly. I drove blaring a song that I barely recalled yet whispered all the words to.
It wasn't until lunch that I saw her again but by then I had uncovered her name, Giselle Belladonna. I had just come out of a bathroom stall and stood washing my hands as she walked into the desolate bathroom, the afternoon sunlight streamed into the airy room and shone on her blue eyes as if they were made of the palest sky. She stopped as she saw me and I tossed the paper towel I had been drying my hands off with into the trash. My eyes were locked onto hers and she had a smile only to be described as mystery on her lips. Some knowing that echoed through our souls at that moment drew us closer together until we were inches apart. My hand came up to brush some of her glittering auburn hair away from a twinkling eye and I let my hand run back through the silky mass that was softer then the finest silk. She leaned closer and looked down towards my mouth, I'm sure was curved in a feline imitation of a smile. No longer could I resist and leaned to kiss those luscious lips. The feeling exploded through me and I wrapped my arms around her waist quickly slanting my face more to intensify it. I swore I heard the softest moan resonate through her as her hands traveled up my arms and around my neck. She felt like home, it struck me to my heart like no feeling I had ever had. I had had my fair share of lovers all of which held a place in my heart but Giselle seemed to conquer my heart, I'm sure there's a flag with her name on it implanted into my heart until this very day.
We pulled apart shortly, both of us let out a breathe, our lips parted and red to the point of bruised, our tongues licking each other off our lips. She tasted like lollipops and pancakes, neither of which I eat without a memory of her taste. I brushed a hand across her cheek.
"I'm Jezebel." My voice couldn't have been anything above a whisper, her voice tinkled through my mind like bells and I practically moaned.
"I know you know who I am, it's all over your eyes." I swear if she had told me to jump of a bridge I would have, I would have thrown myself off that bridge and smiled the entire way down…

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