My Unicorn

July 28, 2011
His name is what you ask for? His name must be kept a secret. I really don’t want to be beaten. You ask why beaten is a word I used. When he gets angry his hand rises and hits me. Well his name to me is Unicorn. Something so rare and something not many can find. Well when I first met Unicorn, he was all those things and beyond.
It was that one rainy night when I didn’t answer his phone call because some friends and I went out. Everything was awesome till unicorn had one of his rages. This is the first time I found out something so mystical, so rare, so hard to find could be so dangerous and evil.
He was my boyfriend so everybody told me I must not say anything. Over the amount of time I didn’t say anything. I had fear living in my body and my soul was gone. That rainy day I had received 3 bruises, 2 bite marks and one black eye. That was just the first beating. As the time went on it got worst. Not only fist and hands were used. I was also beaten with objects such as belts, bats, hangers, shoes, bottles and many more. I wasn’t only abused physically I was abused verbally and mentally. I remember at the end of it all he would say it’s all because I love you.
Love shouldn’t involve fighting unless you’re fighting against the ones who are trying to ruin it. Love shouldn’t involve harsh words unless you are using those harsh words to get rid of the ones who hate against you relationship. Those fists of yours should not be hitting me or harming me in any way. You claim you love me so why hurt me. Why make me suffer. Why watch the tears from my face fall when you can stop them. Why can’t anyone see me suffer? Not my family, not Unicorn, not my friends no one can see!

I wake up today knowing it’s the same s*** but a different day. I see him waiting in his car outside. Sitting in the red sports car. I usually try to avoid putting on my favorite clothes but cause I don’t want to get my blood in on it. Unfortunately I couldn’t do that because I forgot to do my laundry. I can see Unicorn getting mad from my window upstairs. I rush to put on my favorite blue v-neck shirt, my tight skinny jeans and my blue converses. I ran to his car escaping my mother’s questions, my brothers annoying remarks and my dad’s outfit check. He looks at me and I can see the anger in his eyes.

We arrive at his place. He opens the door and he walks in. I walk in after him. I turn around to lock the door. I walk into the living room and I feel a rough hand slap me across my face. I fell to the floor hopeless.
“ You thought it was okay to make me wait more then 15 minutes for you to get dress Rebecca?” he yells.
“I’m sorry I woke up late!” I said with great amount of pain in my voice.
“I don’t give a d***!”
“ I’m done Eric! I’m breaking up with you. I’m tired of you beating me. I’m tired of being scared of you.” He raised his hand to strike me. I stood up from the floor looked him in the eye and yelled,
“ Hit me Eric!” There was a knock on the door. It was the police. They said that a neighbor heard a lot of noise and it sounded like domestic violence. I was saved finally. Someone finally heard me in need of help. Someone finally noticed me suffering. I told the police men what was happening and I told them that I have been in a relationship with for him for about a year but the domestic violence didn’t start until our 5th month. I told them nothing but the truth and it felt like I was saved and I could finally tell someone.

They drove me home and they told my mother everything I told them. As she listened she held me close to her chest and cried and said I’m so sorry. The police also told her that unicorn also known, as Eric would be arrested for 10 years. My heart dropped to my stomach. I felt safe but I didn’t want him to suffer but I guess karma felt he had to suffer for making me suffer. Today was not the same as any other day. Today I am strong today I can say Eric’s name and not be scared to beaten. Today I can start living my life as my self. Fear has been evicted from my body and my soul is the new owner.

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Odessa_Sterling00 said...
Aug. 2, 2011 at 3:00 pm
I don't think you get 10 years in prison for domestic violence charges, and even then, the cop wouldn't know, the Eric guy has to go to court first.
Sunshinex3 replied...
Aug. 2, 2011 at 4:46 pm
Its a fiction story. And its my imagination of justice. Though u may not agree with it I take ur comment in a positive way
Odessa_Sterling00 replied...
Aug. 2, 2011 at 5:45 pm
Yes I understand this a fictional story, but making your stories more realistic make them more enjoyable.
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