The Story of the Lake and the Boat

July 28, 2011
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Here is an endless storm, my dear. here, upon the lake.
But there was a time when the lake was calm, my dear. before its wretched heartbreak
The lake is waiting... in anguish, my dear, for love to heal her one day

At a time when the lake was at peace, my love, a beautiful boat sailed along.
He sailed upon this lake, my love. and so they fell in love.
They danced all night, the lake and the boat, the most glorious dance of the night.
The lake, she felt so blessed. the boat, simply passive and cold
When the boat reached the shore he said "i will be back one day"
but one day, my dear, would never come.
Now a storm possesses the lake. she crashes against the shore, she waits in vain for the boat
She feels the lies of love, my dear, the pain of a lovely lie
And the boat may sail a thousand seas, but shall it matter if one heart grieves?

My dear, my love. do not forget the story of the lake and the beautiful boat
the lake who just wanted to be loved
the storm the boat has left
Remember what love is
remember the truth
My dear, my love, remember the truth of love.

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ChelseyChelsey said...
Aug. 2, 2011 at 6:28 pm
i really like it. i really hope it gets published in the magazine
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