Forbidden love

July 20, 2011
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I was running as fast as I could through the forest. My family was falling apart and I couldn't take it any more. I had run out of the house crying and ran straight to my constant sanctuary, the forest. I was barley noticing my bare feet but I would soon regret it. There was an old tower close to the middle of it. I had only ever been there once when I was little but now I was longing to get there once more.If I looked through the tall trees I could see the very top of the tower.

I could feel rocks and sticks cutting into my feet. A hidden branch brushed against my face. Jumping over logs and running through small creeks and streams, I could tell I was getting closer. I had never been this far into the forest alone, let alone at night but some part of me knew I would be safe.

I came into a clearing and there, as beautiful as the sun-rise, sat the tower. I slowed down enough to open the old iron door and didn't hesitate to rush in.I looked straight up and saw holes in the roof of the tower. They really only just added to the beauty.

Just as I stepped forward, a hand grabbed my shoulder, the firm grip only added to the tension as I slowly turned back to see beauty I could not explain. His eyes were cold as ice but I felt warm under his gaze. Hi features stood out just as much as the effect his eyes had.Shoulder length black hair, eyes as deep blue as the sea but also very light so they looked like ice. Not to mention his skin tone. It was Pale but seemed to have a colored tint to it. There was something about him that made my heart race. I had only ever seen him once before if you didn't count the dreams I had about him. It had been the last time was here, in this tower. My father and brother hadn't seen him but I did. I thought I had just imagined it all but something about his expression told me I hadn't imagined it.

He seemed to recognize me as well. Longing seemed to be in his eyes but in an instant it changed to worry. I opened my mouth, wanting to say something but worried he wouldn't understand.
"Wh..whats wrong?" I asked fumbling for the right words.
He looked like something was horribly wrong. He reached out his hand and brushed it across my face, the same place the branch had brushed moments before.
"You're bleeding." he said as he pulled his hand back. The branch had brushed harder than I thought because the back of his hand was covered in blood. I turned away, scared of what he would do. The blood didn't seem to bother him any more. He reached his hand around my face and lightly pulled it so I looked at him once more. He whipped were my tears had so recently been. He looked at me, concern filling his feature. He couldn't be more than a year older than me.
"what happened?" he spoke as if we had known each other our in-tire lives. His voice was deep and beautiful. It made me want to run up to him and just let my tears out. Instead, I turned, Embarrassed that anyone, especially a young man,was seeing me like this. Since I was little, i was taught to be strong. I wasn't about to let all of that go.
"Nothing!" I said fiercely
He seemed to understand that is was something I was not ready to talk about and changed the focus of the conversation.
"Let me help you get cleaned up." he said in a soft voice.
I turned to look back at him. He was concerned. For my injuries and my family problems. I quickly got rid of the attitude that so rarely took hold of me.I looked at him, studying every inch. Tears tried to escape my eyes but i held them back. I remembered how much I had wanted to see him again after the first time. I often had dreams of him, mainly as I got older. He would help me out of a rough situation then disappear into the forest before I realized he was leaving. Once he had even stolen a kiss. The way he looked at me now told me he knew what I was just thinking about. A tear escaped my eye and he reached his hand out to whip it away. It seemed almost as if the dreams I had wanted so badly to be real were just that. A part of me wanted him to steal another kiss, just as he had in the dream.
He grabbed my hand and led me into a room that i had just noticed. It had a bed, food, a small little table in the center of the room. He lead me to the table and pulled out a small box and opened it. It was a first aid kit. He cleaned my injuries and put bandages on the worst of them.
When he finished, his hands cupped my face as he looked at me.
"are you okay?" he asked while still trying to figure out why I had been crying.
"Yes, thank you." I said
He stood up and kissed my forehead, catching me of guard but I did nothing about it. We stayed like that for a few more moments before he turned away.
" I should be heading home. My family will be worrying about me." i said to fill the silence.
"Ye, I will take you back." he said pointing down to my bare feet.
I bent down to start taking off bandages when i noticed something unusual. All of my injuries were gone. I looked up to see him softly smiling at me. I finished taking off the bandages and he held his hand out for me to take. I gladly took it and he pulled close o him. I was shocked for a moment but it wore off as his free hand brushed the loose hair out of my face and we stared into each others eyes for longer than i can remember. Then out of nowhere he picked me up and headed out the door.
"What is your name?" I asked as we walked through the forest. His eyes met mine for a brief moment the returned to the forest around us.
"Terrance." he said as he looked back into my eyes.
"That's a beautiful name." I said sleepily . I started to drift off into sleep. I thought I heard somebody say something but wasn't completely sure of myself. I looked back at Terrance, eyes starting to grow heavy. He took one look at me and said " Vivian, I love you." and just like that he stole another kiss. Unsure of what to do I kissed back.I felt us stop moving. He looked at me in suprise as he replayed the event in his head. I looked down, suddenly embarrassed. Why had I done that? I felt his soft lips kiss my forehead before I feel into a deep sleep only to jump up again what seemed like moments later. Had it all been a dream? Had I just imagined it all just like the last time I saw him?

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