What is love?

July 19, 2011
By 37trains BRONZE, A.C.T, Other
37trains BRONZE, A.C.T, Other
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The feelings raged inside of her as she raised her bloodstained hand to his face. She realised at that moment that she would never see him again. She would never be able to listen to the low staccato of his laugh. She would never be able to touch his soft velvet skin or breathe in his essence. And this killed her for he was a part of her. Her lip quivered as a tear trickled down her rosy cheeks, salting her skin with sadness so powerful that it would make the seven seas devour the land in rage and longing. She wanted to die that night too, for a life without Geoffrey Hammond was no life at all.
“Don’t leave me! Please! I love you, Geoff, you hear? I love you with all my heart,”
Of course this sentence never got a reply for Geoff‘s soul had already moved on to the wherever souls go when one dies. But if he were to be given those few seconds to even mouth a reply, he would have said ‘I love you with my whole being and I will never leave you, not now, not ever.' He knew that it would have been ironic in the shape he was in, but he didn’t care. He meant every word and he would never rethink anything when it came to her. He knew she loved him so deeply and so truly that if he were to cut off his right arm and shave his head, she would still gaze at him so adoringly, so lovingly. And he loved Laura Hartley in the same way, if not more.

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