Wings Of The Cherry Blossom Tattoo

July 6, 2011
By Lalu17 BRONZE, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Lalu17 BRONZE, Santa Fe, New Mexico
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Once every 17 years a beautiful soft pink flowered tree opens its flowers and blossoms. This night over all nights was the most beautiful. The crescent moon lays itself along the full, with a silver moon glow and a tint of the flower soft pink. This beautiful tree was called the Cherry Blossom Tree. This night, here, and now. On this beautiful land, in the tribe of The Howling Cherry Blossoms, a baby is born. The mother and father look at her; all they see is just pure beauty. Her eyes are rainbow with each color having a tint of the silver moon, soft pink. Lying on the baby's head are golden brown wolf ears, with a tail to match. Her birth mark is of a cherry blossom tree. The trunk runs up the left side of her thigh, leading up her side, over her shoulder, and blossoming on her back. With the leaves that fall they hit water, so there is a ripple. She is named Lalu. “Lalu, oh my dear Lalu,” her mother says as she holds her tight in her arms. The father kisses Lalu's mother on the cheek, “She's perfect.” The mother looks to her husband, “yes, she is. She will grow to a beautiful young woman and grow older, staying beautiful.” The festival began because of Lalu's birth and of The Cherry Blossom tree blossoming.

Years passed through Lalu's. She grew every day, her beauty was growing and everyday she became more beautiful than the day before. The tribe of The Howling Cherry Blossom, was placed in a tall golden green grassed forest. Aspens, Weeping Willows, and Oak trees flowed in the wind all around. With all sorts of flowers, wild flowers, and fruit trees and/plants around, as well. In the middle of this forest was a Labyrinth and in the middle of this Labyrinth was the Cherry Blossom tree. Its flowers were closed, awaiting 17 years when it can blossom again. “Mama,” a young girl speaks. “Yes, my dear Lalu,” the mother speaks. Lalu is tall, slender, with breasts a perfect size, wearing shorts, a top with her bellybutton showing, her birthmark grew with her age and size, her feet were bare against the ground. She is wearing two rings, one of a rose on her left hand and one swirled around a finger on her right hand. She has a moon stone bracelet around her right hand and a leather bracelet around her left. A choker necklace pendent is around her neck, with another loose necklace of a dream catcher and feather attached; her last necklace is made of bone in the shape of a cherry blossom. One of her earrings is a moon stone and the other is of a silver feather. Her lips are blood red, with her skin a dark caramel, her hair is golden brown of shoulder length with a wild blue flower behind her ear, her tail is of golden brown with her wolf ears to match, her eyes are filled with every deep color of the rainbow hit with a dash of rain water. Lalu sits beside her mother, “I am 16 and at my age of 17, I will be married off. Will it be love, mama or will it be arranged?” Lalu's mother looks to her, “my dear. You know that you will be married to the boy of the Black Beast Knight's tribe.” Sadness falls across Lalu's eyes, she stands to her feet. A few tears fall from her eyes, she turns to the door, “I will only marry for love, mama. Even if you make me love him, I never will. I want to be found by love, not chained to it.” Before her mother can speak the words on the tip of her tongue, Lalu was already gone.

A man walks through the door and to Lalu's mother, “I just saw our daughter run out of our village crying. Would you mind telling me what's up?” Lalu's mother looks to her husband, “She doesn't want to marry unless there is no love. She wants love to find her.” “My, dear. When the Cherry blossoming begins tonight, she will be of age. It's her birthday and love is in the air. Something has a plan for her, we just need to let it take place. She'll be fine.” The father puts his arms around his wife and she cuddles close to him, “You're right. The spirits are watching her, so nothing can go wrong. She is safe.” Lalu's mother kisses her husband.

There's rustling in the trees, with feet hitting against the soft golden green grass. Tears are dropped behind her as the wind rustles against her fair skin. Though her tears fade away, the farther she gets away from her village. She comes to the waterfall, jumping one by one to the next rock. Landing on one in the middle of it all, she dives off. Coming for air above, her hair flies back. She swims to the right side, gets up out of the water and shakes off. Lalu hears something move and looks over to the other side. There's a boy around her age. Lalu climbs up the side of the waterfall; he does the same on his side. Lalu looks over to see him on the other side; she takes a few steps back, turns around and runs away. The boy puts his hand out, “Wait.” He jumps onto the rocks to the other side. He runs after her, calling to her, “Please, wait. I won't hurt you.” But Lalu kept running, she ran herself right into the labyrinth. He runs right after her into its deep maze. He gets to the middle, but Lalu is nowhere to be seen. Though he stays anyway:- in a way, he knows she's still there. He's connected to her in some way. Lalu lays in the Cherry Blossom tree, hidden away and watching over him. He's taller than Lalu, slender, strong, he has golden brown shaggy hair, he's wearing shorts with a muscle shirt, his feet are bare. There seems to be some kind of tale with a sharp knife of some kind at the end, it shines in the moonlight. His eyes are golden brown, as though it is milk chocolate dipped in caramel. His skin is dark caramel, like mine. He has tribal marking's everywhere. He's searching for me. Lalu's heart was racing, as though of lightning when it pierces the earth.

Long enough has passed, the moons have reached the sky. Just like before, the crescent moon has layed itself along the full, with a silver moon glow and a tint of the Cherry Blossom soft pink. Lalu jumps to the ground. He turns to see her before him. She stands to her feet, “what do you want and why did you follow me here?” He takes a step closer and Lalu takes a step back, “something pulled me to you. I was curious. I want to know you. What's your name?” Lalu takes two steps closer, “my name is Lalu.” He takes a step towards her, “my names Knight. Why did you run from me? I called out to you, but you wouldn't stop.” “I wasn't in the mood. So I ran,” She takes another step forward. “Well what's wrong, do you wanna talk about it? I want to help and know you,” he takes another step towards Lalu. “Well you see, I'm from The Howling Cherry Blossom tribe and tonight is my birthday when I turn 17. Of the Cherry Blossoming, I will be of age to wed. My parents are putting me through an arranged marriage to a 17 year old boy, of The Black Beast Knight's tribe. I don't want to be put through arranged marriage, I want to fall in love and then into marriage. Not right off the bat of my age. You know,” Lalu tells as she stands in place. Knight thinks to himself, “Wow, her story is like mine. Maybe I should tell her my story. Yeah, that's what I'll do.” “You know, it's weird. I have basically the same story,” Knight takes another step towards her. Lalu's eyes open. Knight gives a half smile, “Yeah and it gets weirder. I'm from The Black Beast Knight's tribe and I'm being put through an arranged marriage, as well. And the girl is someone who is turning of age tonight from The Howling Cherry Blossom tribe.” Lalu takes two steps closer, Knight's only two steps away. Fireworks are shooting all around them. Both of their hearts are racing, with intense speed. Lalu looks up to the Cherry Blossom tree, “maybe this is it. The spirits brought us together, knowing that we'd fall in love. Without even knowing each other.” Lalu looks at Knight, as he takes the last two steps to her. They're close, real close. Lalu can feel his heart beat racing against her chest, as he can feel hers. Knight looks into Lalu's eyes, “Love! That sounds like the perfect word for it.” Lalu is blushing like crazy, “Isn't it. I mean all I feel is explosions of cherry blossoms.” Knight kisses her. As he comes for air he speaks, “I agree.”

They both fall to the ground. He's on top and whispers in her ear, “May I keep you for all time?” They roll and then Lalu takes top. She whispers to him, “As long as I can keep you for longer.” Knight looks into her eyes, as she in his. He whispers to her, “I would love, for you to be my keeper.” Lalu is blushing, “I know we basically just met, but I feel as though we have known each other in many past live. I feel myself filling up with love and memories. I feel something opening up inside, as though it has been in slumber, waiting for this day to come.” Knight blushes, “I feel the exact same. As though we were meant to be together in all lives we live. I understand, exactly.” They kiss, they breathe for air. Knight whispers to Lalu, “Marry me?” Lalu whispers back, “Yes and for all eternity, will it stay that way.” A clock strikes 17:00, right when the Cherry Blossoms Blossom. Lalu's birth mark begins to glow with the Cherry Blossoms in a soft pink color, as do big silver feathered wings swoop from her back. Both Knight and Lalu open their eyes. They both whisper to each other, “Le Allo!” Both Lalu and Knight turn red. He puts his hand on her cheek, Lalu snuggles her face into it. Then looks deeply into the depths of Knights eyes, as does Knight look into the Labyrinth eyes of Lalu. They Kiss.

The End!

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