July 17, 2011
By bexxx BRONZE, Indian Trail, North Carolina
bexxx BRONZE, Indian Trail, North Carolina
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"I love you" he whispers in my ear "I love you to" I reply as he holds me. Kyle and I have been dating for a year now, never had any sexual relations with each other. I knew he was getting anxious as we sat here under this star filled sky. My body wanted more of him but my mind easily rejected the idea of him being that close to me. For the next several minutes we both sat in silence. "I am ready" I whisper "You sure?" Kyle asked me kissing me as he got on top of me. "I think so" I mutter before Kyle started tugging at my clothes. Layer after layer were stripped off leaving my pale, skinny, unattractive body exposed. "You look beautiful." Kyle whispered in my ear. That when an explosion of pain erupted from me. I screamed out as he began to make love to me. After six minutes he got off of me. We were both drenched in sweat and our bodies were both exhausted. "I love you" I whispered to him. "love you to" Kyle said as he began to put his clothes back on. I sat up still exposed "whats wrong?" I asked "nothing, except we didn't use protection" Kyle said to me staring at the once night sky full of stars. I looked up to see darkness as I realized of what could happen. "Kyle what do we do?" I ask breathlessly "I don't know, we play it by ear I guess go get dressed and i will drive you home." He said to me in a calming way. I kissed him lightly on the lips and began to get dressed. Months passed since that one night and each day resulted in a child growing inside of me. When i told my mother she freaked out but told me it was going to be okay. As for kyle he is not around much his parents have told me never to see him again. As the months passed my belly grew and i went into labor. I had a baby girl I named her Rosa Moonlight for my favorite flower and for the time she was put into me. I decided to keep her and unlike Kyle she loves me and is growing up strong. Tomorrow she will start her first day in daycare as i go back to school to finish my education. As for Kyle he stops by to see her and tell me how stupid I was. I laugh at him and tell him he is stupid because he does not get to see the little girl I see.

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