I miss you, Andrew.

June 28, 2011
By Anonymous

Everybody has one best friend; a best friend they'd put before everybody else. The best friend that's always been with you. The best friend that knows you deepest darkest secrets.

Well, I had a best friend, too. His name was Andrew. We're both the same age; our parents met in the hospital as we were just a day old. Since then, we've been inseparable.

As we got older, i started liking Andrew. I felt like there was some kind of 'spark' between the two of us. I didn't think he felt it though..

At the age of nine, something started to be wrong with Andrew. He was always sick, always getting headaches. Both our parents thought it was just a stage. I knew something was seriously wrong though; Andrew wouldn't play normally, he always got too tired. Finally, a trip to the doctors was made.

"Andrew has a brain tumor. We think it's the start of Leukemia."
I was nine years old and terrified. All i knew was that my best friend was getting taken away from me.

I started understanding a little more about what was going on. Andrew was put through a countless number of surgeries. Through out the surgeries i realized how much i needed Andrew, i started to fall in love with him.

They didn't fix Andrew. They didn't find any trace of a cure. I stood by the hospital bed as i heard Andrew say his last words at the age of ten.
" I'm in love with you, Olivia, you're always my best friend. "

People don't believe in young love but i believe this is real. Just look at it.
I'm in love with you too, Andrew.

The author's comments:
I felt like writing one day. Not really a true story, but based off of one.

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