Letters to Luke: Letter One

July 13, 2011
Dear Luke,

You scared me today. You scared me because today I knew I loved you. I knew as soon as your arms wrapped around me. Today was the first time you've ever hugged me. Just being that close to you made me nauseous. As your arms loosened around me I did everything in my power to keep from crying: I was thinking "It's over. We will get off this cruise ship and never see each other again." You told me over and over that we would stay close. I don't believe you. You will go back to Georgia tomorrow and I will be off to New York. I'm sure we will never talk again let alone remain the close friends we have become.

I'm laying here, crying in my bunk bed, my parents literally three feet away from me, just listening. But they won't ask what's wrong, they'll just continue to pretend they're asleep. So I'll just remain here, crying and alone.

I truly believe tonight was goodbye for good, but if not, someday I will give you this letter, this letter that I'm writing at age 13, recalling my day today. Recalling falling in love with you.

I truly hope you receive this letter.


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