My brothers drag racing enemy attracted to me!

July 12, 2011
By missy838158 SILVER, Bronx, New York
missy838158 SILVER, Bronx, New York
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People who fly into a rage always make a bad landing.

Number one, I can't square 43 in my head. I'm not a human calculator. (Or as my teacher says, a [silent h]yoo-man calc-yoo-waiter).

Number two, Fisher was coming back to school today! Well, during lunch. So, yep, you could say I was distracted.

Maybe I'll ask him out. That's so lame. Or should I just give him the cold shoulder?

Oh back to my list, number three, I can't remember formulas. (Minus B, Minus B, plus or minus square root of, b squared minus four A C all over two A!) Quadratic formula isn't useful when you're doing derivatives.... yeah, not at all.

So I doodled a large F on the front of my paper to save my teacher a little time. Then she wouldn't have to write my grade on it.

Wishful thinking, that F would be.

If there was an F minus, I was capable of getting it.

The bell sounded in an annoying tone, as usual. So I picked up my backpack, slinging it over my shoulder, and walked up to my teacher, handing her my test.

Man, life sucks.

I walked out the door, thinking to myself about Fisher. It'd been a long three weeks without him at school. Thankfully, next week was school vacation week.

"Hey," I felt someone take my hand, "Wassup?"

I turned.

"Fisher!" I squealed, "I mean, Fisher!" Again, I squealed like a small pig.

"That's me," he smiled. "Uh, you want to ditch class?"

"Gym class. Hell yeah. Where are we going?"

"I dunno. Locker room?"

"Too sweaty. And awkward, much?"

He shrugged, "Library?"

"Kay," I felt his hand still holding mine tightly. People were looking at us like we were some sort of aliens. Excuse me but is there a law that says you can't hold hands in the hallway?

"Ms. Robinson! Mr. Johnson!" My old History teacher, Mr. Williams was right between us, "No hands in the hallway! Detentions for both of you!"

"Why do you always get me into trouble?!" I rolled my eyes at Fisher.

He laughed, "It's not my fault! You leave yourself open for it!"

"Both of you get to class before you get a week of detention!"

"I have study hall..." I shrugged, "So doesn't Fisher."

"Oh really?"

"Yep. Well, bye Mr. Williams!” I picked up Fisher’s hand and began walking down the hallway again. Luckily, Mr. Williams didn’t see it.

“That was dumb… But thanks for keeping my reputation up. Now I’m a bad ass guy that gets in trouble for holding hands!” he scowled and dropped my hand.

“We could get in trouble for something else if you want…”

“Like what?” he walked to the wall and pressed his back against it.

I shrugged, “We could break into someone’s locker.”

His eyes went wide, “I know exactly the person. Come on,” he started walking down into X hall. Yeah, it’s called X hall for a reason which is very obvious to anyone and everyone. Luckily, were the only ones there.

We stopped short at a locker with red paint on the front.

“18-1-18,” he spun the dial with his words. It sprung open. On the door, there were hundreds of pictures of women in bikinis.



“No wonder he never let me use his locker,” I grumbled, “What are we going to do?”

He took off his backpack and reached around inside of it. Out of the secret pockets inside the backpack came a small bottle filled with a syrup-looking liquid.

“What are you doing?”

He shrugged, shoving the honey into the top part of the locker, aimed right at his own face. He then carefully took a small text book out of Toby’s locker.

He fidgeted with the book, trying to make it sit just perfectly in the locker.

“Hold this here,” he gestured to the places where his hands were. I put my hands right on top of his before he slipped his out from underneath as carefully as he could.

“That’s it?”

He shook his head. Reaching into his backpack again, he took out a small bag of feathers. They were all yellow. He emptied them out on top of the book. His hands were back in his bag again, pulling out more honey bottles. He dumped it all over the side of the door, covering the half naked girls, and stuck some feathers to them.

I rolled my eyes at him.

“What? They need something to wear, sheesh,” he smiled, “Okay, one last thing.”

He leaned over and kissed my cheek.

“What was that for?”

“Good luck,” he put his hands over mine, “Let go.”

So I did. His warmth melted off my skin as I pulled my hands away. He inhaled and exhaled, removing his hand from the book and slamming the locker closed with his other hand.

“Bastard deserves it,” He smiled, pouring a light coating of honey all over the combination lock itself and the door. It was a work of art.

We moved out of plain sight and into the corner of the hallway. Fisher pressed me up against the lockers.

“Sorry, he’s coming. Don’t look now,” he leaned closer to me, tapping my neck.

“I’m no vampire!”

“Kiss it,” he hissed very lightly.

I stuck my neck out slightly to reach his neck when I softly kissed it once. He tasted really good. Twice, I pressed a little bit more. The third time, I was intoxicated, and after that, I just lost track. Fisher’s neck vibrated with the sound of his voice. A low growl escaping his lips.

“What the f***!”

A book clunked.

I stopped kissing Fisher just in time to see Toby’s face covered in honey and feathers dripping down from his cheeks onto his blue polo shirt.

Fisher’s lips danced by my ear, “Is he angry?”

“I don’t know.”

I felt his lips now touching my ear lightly. The warmth of his breath spread across my face like a wind through a plain – so easy and effortlessly.

“Now will you be my girlfriend, or do I have to put honey in your locker too?”

“I’m sweet enough as it is,” I smiled at him.

“NOT SWEET ENOUGH TO GET OUT OF THE S*** THAT YOU ARE IN!” Toby screamed a few feet away from us. He walked like a lion getting ready to have a snack.

I gulped.

"Yes or no?" Fisher asked, "Because I might die in a few seconds."


I blinked twice, "HELL NO!"

"Really?" Fisher frowned.

"No, I meant that to Toby, not you."


"So? Will you be my girlfriend?"

The author's comments:
This was a fun piece,because i didnt feel like i was thinking hard about what to write so ENJOY and plz more ppl comment thank you!

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